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August 12, 2006 - Beverages on a plane.

When we can no longer bring our own water onto planes with us ...
When nail clippers are confiscated as potentially deadly weapons...
When we have to take our shoes off to get through security ...
Then the terrorists win.


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What's next?
* Gum (you can make explosives from two components that look like chewing gum).
* Clothing (you can make explosive compounds into simulated fiber (fabric) and sew them into pants and jackets)

Not too long from now, everything you own will be subject to search, and you will have to go through security completely naked.

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The problem is that the foiled plot was hypothetical. ANYBOY can come up with dumb ideas on things to make bombs out of. It only becomes a credible threat when plotters have the actual ingredients necessary to make the expolosives and have a realistic plan to use them.

It is very easy to allow people to bring water on a plane and to confirm that the water actually IS water:

> requires that water be in clear plastic contair
> to check: pour a little into a little sample cup (like they have a water coolers) and have the customer
empty the cup by drinking it.

(Why? Because you can't mix two or more clear (or translucent) non-toxic liquids (i.e. liquids that someone could drink) to make any explosive.)

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