To: Whoever Contracted “Bill Pay Choice / CheckFree” to handle MBNA Online Payment Services
Date: Friday, April 29, 2005


Hey, here’s a question:

Why does MBNA Net Access suck so much?


Not the first time I’ve gotten this message when I try to make a payment (not the second or third time either) :



That’s it? No explination? No error code? No estimate of when the site might be back up? No alternative listed? No customer support link?


And why, in an age of instant networked transactions online, is MBNA the only credit card company that requires up to 5 business days to register an on-line payment? 5 days?
Is some old lady hand-delivering the payment from my bank or something?


You guys are using computers, right? You can’t assume the bank (that bank whose name in on my MBNA card) will honor the transaction?


If I were you, I’d get a new online payment processing service.


Cardholder Since 2001 (soon to be former cardholder)
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p.s. MBNA Net Access Sucks, Bill Pay Choice sucks, and CheckFree sucks.




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