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January 9/10, 2004
Israeli Shelling Kills U.N. Officer
Fox News Sun, 09 Jan 2005 9:13 PM PST
BEIRUT, Lebanon : Israeli shelling killed a French member of the United Nations observer force on Sunday, shortly after a Hezbollah bomb attack claimed the life of an Israeli soldier in a day of violence near the border in southern Lebanon, Lebanese and U.N officials said.

A Swedish member of the international truce monitoring force was also wounded in the same attack. The French and Swedish "peacekeepers" worked for the U.N. Observer Group Lebanon, a U.N. agency that monitors the 1948 Armistice Agreement between Lebanon and Israel.

A senior Israeli military investigator told The Associated Press in Jerusalem that the peacekeeper's death "apparently is the result of our tank fire." He also said the peacekeepers were not wearing a U.N. beret.

French Officer Killed by Israeli Shelling

ABC News Mon, 10 Jan 2005 0:05 AM PST
French U.N. Officer Killed by Israeli Shelling Near Lebanese-Israeli Border After Hezbollah Attack Kills Israeli Soldier

The Israeli attacks were in retaliation for the detonation of a roadside bomb by Hezbollah guerrillas. The bomb destroyed an Israeli military vehicle, killing an Israeli soldier and wounding three others, Lebanese security officials said.

Tuesday, January 4, 2005

Israeli Tank Fire Kills 7 Palestinians
AP via Yahoo! News
Two Israeli tank shells slammed into a field in response to Palestinian mortar fire Tuesday, killing seven Palestinians, including at least two children, in the deadliest single incident in three months.

Israeli army kills 7 Palestinians in Gaza
BEIT LAHIYA: Israeli troops have shot dead seven Palestinians in a strawberry field in north Gaza after mortar fire from Palestinian militants there wounded two Jewish settlers.

"We collected the bodies, three of them teenagers, in a strawberry farm and we believe all were farmers. The bodies were blown to pieces by a tank shell," said Mahmoud al-Assali, hospital director in the Palestinian town of Beit Lahiya.

Local residents said the militants managed to flee before the Israelis opened fire into an area where farmers were harvesting strawberries.

A Reuters news team found the strawberry grove splattered with blood and bits of flesh. A severed foot lay in the field.

Palestinian medics said six other Palestinians were seriously wounded by the tank burst.

Israeli medics said the mortars landed near a bus filled with settler children, lightly injuring two adult escorts.


Monday, December 13, 2004

Attack kills 5 Israeli soldiers at Gaza checkpoint
The Shelby Star
GAZA CITY (CNN) -- Five Israeli troops were killed Sunday when Palestinian militants set off an explosion in a tunnel beneath an Israeli military checkpoint and opened fire on the checkpoint as well, an Israeli official said.

Canoe Sun,
GAZA CITY, GAZA STRIP -- Palestinian guerrillas blew up an Israeli army base at the Gaza-Egypt crossing yesterday by sneaking more than a tonne of explosives (1,500kg of explosives) through a tunnel, killing four Israeli soldiers and wounding at least 10. It was the biggest Palestinian attack in the month since Yasser Arafat's death.

December 11, Saturday, 2004
Israel Kills 40 Palestinians in One Month
7-year-old Rania Killed Among Family Members Having Lunch

Palestine Media Center
A seven-year old girl was among eleven Palestinian victims killed by Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) in the past six days, which raises the Palestinian death toll to 40 since late President Yaser Arafat passed away on November 11 and to 3,738 since the outbreak of the Al-Aqsa Intifada (uprising) against the Israeli occupation on September 28, 2000.
Friday, December 10, 2004
Israeli Troops Kill Palestinian Girl in Gaza
BBC News
A Palestinian girl is reported killed by Israeli fire, hours after mortars aimed at a Jewish enclave hurt four.

AP via Yahoo! News
Israeli troops shot and killed a 10-year-old Palestinian girl on Friday after militants fired mortar rounds at a Gaza Strip settlement, injuring four Israelis, one of them a child, officials said.

December 9, Thursday, 2004
Israeli soldiers admit killing Palestinian boy for fun
Al Jazeera
Israeli soldiers serving at the Gaza Strip admitted that they had killed a 15-year-old Palestinian boy in Khan Younis, in southern Gaza, "for sport."
December 7, Tuesday, 2004

Children in the crossfire

Story by SUSAN TAYLOR MARTIN, St. Petersburg Times

Gaza chicken coop kills Israeli soldier
Houston Chronicle ABC News |
GAZA CITY, Gaza Strip - Hamas militants killed an Israeli soldier and wounded four with an explosion in a booby-trapped chicken coop today, in what the Islamic group said was a scheme to lure troops to the area with the help of a double agent.

Hamas attack kills Israeli soldier, Egypt brokers deal with Israel
Herald Sun
EGYPT has brokered an understanding to halt Israeli-Palestinian violence and move toward a peace accord, just hours after Hamas militants set off a bomb in Gaza that killed an Israeli soldier.
Thursday, November 18, 2004

Israeli Army Mistakenly Kills 3 Egyptians
AP via Yahoo!, New York Times, Reuters, USA Today, et al.

The Israeli army mistakenly killed three Egyptian soldiers along the Gaza-Egypt border on Thursday, Israeli media reported.

Israeli troops mistook three Egyptian police officers for Palestinian militants and shot them dead Thursday along the Gaza Strip's border with Egypt, increasing tensions between the neighbors.

Israeli troops killed three Egyptian policemen mistaken for Palestinian militants Thursday, in what the army called a "professional and operational" mishap.

An Israeli tank opened fire and killed three Egyptian policemen on the Gaza-Egypt border on Thursday after mistaking them for Palestinian militants planting explosives against Israeli forces, military officials said.

An Israeli tank opened fire and killed three Egyptian troops Thursday on the sensitive border between the two countries, mistaking them for Palestinian militants on the way to carry out an attack, Israeli media said.



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