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Jan. 14, 2005:



A little past the season...

... but still good. Christmas letters to Christopher Walken

Jan. 11, 2005:

Avast Ye!

Heave to and prepare to be boarded!

I swear, someone's going to get me gulley in their gullet!

Jan. 10, 2005:

Almost 25,000 visitors in the last 30 days....
and not one of them will give me even 50 cents :-)
Maybe I'll start adding advertisements...
Ooo, or pop-ups! Wouldn't that be cool?

Jan. 05, 2005:

Linksys Announces New Line of Mimo-Based Wireless-G Products [Linksys Press Release]

Linksys uses non-standard kit for wireless boost []


The Consumer Electronics Show begins tomorrow (view blog).

These days, the technology business ain't for the faint of heart. In the space of a week in December, IBM (IBM) sold its PC business to Lenovo, Oracle (ORCL ) gained approval for its takeover of PeopleSoft (PSFT), and Symantec (SYMC) made a winning offer for Veritas (VRTS). Why? It seems that a slow recovery in spending coupled with vicious global competition is helping the strong get stronger while the weak take a powder... [more]


San Francisco Bay Area, Calif .; 5 year Property Appreciation Rate: 65.99%
Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnestoa ; 5 year Property Appreciation Rate: 60.26%
(source: Forbes College Town Real Estate)

Jan. 03, 2005:

What does OVA mean / stand for? (e.g. Tenchi Muyo OVA)
A: OVA stands for "original video animation", which means that it was an anime that was not aired on television or as a movie in theatres, rather it is a series (serial) released as "direct to video". However, this does not have the same negative connotation as "direct to video movies" have, as high-quality anime series are often released in Japan as "OVA". If these sell well, a television series, and/or a "theatrical release" movie, is often produced afterwards.

Dec. 11, 2004:

More recent headlines from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Dec. 10, 2004:

Basic CSS Lesson d'Jour: Creating simple paragraph indents (and outdents).

Advanced CSS Lesson d'Jour: Border on Body

Extra Credit: The Two Column Center Layout

Dec. 7, 2004: it's a pretty night in St. Paul, Minnesota

Current Temp: 34 degrees F.

Dec. 6, 2004:

Here's an update on the Computer System Comparison:
I now wish I had gotten the Sony VAIO VGC-RA820G instead of the Dell XPS Gen 2...

I saw the Sony today at Fry's for $1,700, which is the price I paid for the Dell...

Why do I prefer the Sony?
First and foremost: integrated liquid cooling. The Dell is annoying loud (cooling fans run constantly).
Sony's got an integrated 200 GB Hard Drive; I Dell came with 112 GB...
The Sony has a pre-integrated Video-In card and TV Recording (DVR) Software and Windows Media Center edition (Dell doesn't.)
The Sony also has a Dual Layer DVD+R recording drive (also does standard DVD±RW duty).

Lastly, what Dell doesn't show you is that the put HUGE DELL brands on sides and front of their case (it's ugly, retarded, and they should pay me for advertising their product).


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Dec. 3, 2004:

So I was trying to determine the cubic root of a number today (don't ask)... It's not something I hav to do very often, so I couldn't remember how to do it on the Calculator in Microsoft Windows. But I found out there's a really cool alternative! All you have to do is plug your calculation into Google!! E.g. Want the cubic root of 1.65? Enter "(1.65)^(1/3)" into the Google search box, click "Google search", and voila!

Check it out

personal links: means (with Excel tips) || maths of population increase

Hey , wanna see your house from space? (see also Keyhole)

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