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libertas (feminine, also libertatis {libertasatis?}) - Latin for freedom , liberty, independence; freedom of speech, frankness, candor.

Libertas - when capitalized, indicates the personification (goddess?) of Liberty.

Libertas depicted on the back of a 3rd century A.D. Roman coin:

"[Libertas] is often depicted under the figure of a woman standing, with a cap or hat (pileus) in her right hand, and holding in her left a hasta [(a spear, lance, or pike)], or perhaps that particular wand which the Romans called rudis or vindicta, with which slaves were slightly struck at the moment of their emancipation." [1]

Latin Root: liber
Note also: Liber -eri (m.) - an Italian deity , identified with Bacchus.

Liberty Cap - Pileus - Symbol of Libertas

pileus -- Latin for "cap". Pileus indicated, in particular, the "cap of liberty"; this was a felt skullcap given to former slaves who had been granted their freedom, hence its use as a symbol of Libertas (Liberty).

Here you can see the pileus on a rare coin commerating the Ides of March:
Liberty Cap and the same deed, a patriot and a cut-throat

(For more information, please see the article Brutus from the Dictionary of Roman Coins.)

"A round brimless hat with a flat top in the centre of which is a button."

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