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Beast Wars on DVD
last updated: Oct 2003

Beast Wars is finally available on DVD. Note that you want to get the "Classic Episode" series
(has episodes that were not released in the VHS versions, and has more episodes per disk than the Rhino versions. Plus, they have a French audio track, which is fun...).
Now we have to get them to release the DVDs faster. Much, much faster.

The Alliance Series (Canada)

DVD # 1 : Beast Wars - Classic Episodes (2000)

First 7 Episodes of Season 1

1. Beast Wars - Part 1
2. Beast Wars - Part 2
3. The Web
4. Equal Measures
5. Chain of Command
6. Power Surge
7. Fallen Comrades

DVD Features -- Regional Code: Region .1; Layers: Dual ; Audio Tracks: English DDS, French DDS; DTS Audio Tracks: None; Subtitles: None; Closed-captioned: No; Ratios: Fullframe 1.33:1; Special Features: Photo Gallery, Interactive Menu

I've seen this for sale on eBay for $25 to $30... Forget that: will sell it to you for $14!
(update, years later: site offline; get the complete 1st season at )


DVD # 2: Beast Wars - Classic Episodes Vol. 2 (2001)
Volume 2 continues right where Volume 1 left off: Season 1, Episodes 8 thru 14: 

 8. Double Jeopardy
 9. A Better Mousetrap
10. Gorilla Warfare
11. The Probe
12. Victory
13. Dark Designs
14. Double Dinobot
DVD # 3: Beast Wars - Classic Episodes Vol. 3 (2002)
Season 1, Episodes 15 thru 21.
I don't know why they only put out one of these a year... especially since the series got better and better in later seasons.
Here are some details from Chris Roberson: Finally, another installment of Beast Wars has arrived. This DVD includes season one episodes 15 - 21 in their entirety ("The Spark", "The Trigger - Part 1", "The Trigger - Part 2", "Spider's Game", "Call Of The Wild", "Dark Voyage", and "Possession"). Contrary to the first 2 volumes, each episode has the full version of the opening sequence. In this volume, Airrazor is introduced, aliens send a mysterious, yet dangerous flying island to test the Transformers, Inferno is introduced, Megatron launces a plan to keep the Maximals in their beast forms, the Maximals must rely purely on their animal senses to survive, and Starscream makes a surprise guest appearance. Also in these episodes, the spiders begin to show their treachery & Tarantulas learns that the aliens are coming and the planet is doomed. You definitely shouldn't miss this DVD.

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recently (august 2003) seen on ebay for $20 + $5 shipping

DVD # 4: Beast Wars - Classic Episodes Vol. 4 (2002)
contains the final five episodes of Season 1: Episodes 22 thru 26.
("The Low Road", "Law of the Jungle", "Before the Storm", "Other Voices - Part 1", and "Other Voices - Part 2").

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The Siren Series (Australia)
Siren Visual has released Season 3 on DVD:


Beast Wars 3 - Vol. 1 (Region 4 - 2002)

Okay so I bought "BEAST WARS 3 - VOLUME 1 - DVD" from Siren Visual in Australia (
since they won't do us the courtesy of releasing it here. (This is why Region encoding is stupid: if they won't release the DVD, how does it hurt the corporate movie mafia if I buy it from another country?)

The Price was AUD $22.68 + $10.00 for international shipping.
($32.68 Australian dollars = $18.89 US dollars: that's a good deal!)

The DVD is Region 4 encoded, but did you know you can change the region on your DVD player in your computer?

Synopsis: "In the saga of the beast Wars, the Maximals, led by the newly enhanced Optimal Potimus, are joined by Depthcharge, a new arrival from Cybertron. Together they battle to prevent Megatron, the evil leader of the Predacons, from fulfilling his golas of destruction and conquest. Excitement, action, and humour abound as each side begins to realize that theirs is more than just a battle for survival. They are part of a great turning point in Transformers history - a saga that will be known, now and forever, as the Beast Wars!"



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