AD&D Player's Handbook, 2nd Ed. Revised (1995)
[ PHB 2nd Ed., Revision ]

AD&D Player's Handbook, 2nd Ed. Revised
Publisher: TSR, Inc.
Game Line: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Game System: Advanced Dungeons & Dragons
Product Code: TSR 2159
ISBN: 0-7869-0329-5
Cover Price: $25.00
# of Pages: 320

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  • Essentially the same text as 2nd Edition, but with new layout and art.

  • The PHB 2nd Ed., Revision contains a second "Forward" section by Steve Winter (February 6, 1995), with the words "This is not AD&D 3rd Edition!"
    This second "Forward" also states "...changes are the sorts of minor corrections and clarifications we make every time we reprint, and we've reprinted both the Player's Handbook and Dungeon Master Guide more than 10 times since 1989!"

  • This version has the ISBN number "0-88038-716-513th " listed inside -- presumedly indicating the 13th printing of 0-88038-716-5 (Player's Handbook, 2nd Ed.)

  • The 1989 version of the AD&D Player's Handbook, 2nd Ed., had 256 pages, the revision (1995) had 320
    (64 additional pages, or as S. Winter puts it "Both books are a lot bigger: 25% more pages in the PHB, 33% more in the DMG.")

Name   Credit
David "Zeb" Cook Design
Steve Winter Developer
Jon Pickens Developer
Jon Pickens Playtest Coordination
Mike Breault Editing
Jean Rabe Editing
Thomas M. Reid Editing
Steven Schend Editing
Ray Vallese Editing
Jean Black Proofreading
Teresa Reid Proofreading
Curtis Smith Proofreading
Valerie Vallese Proofreading
James M. Ward Proofreading
Peggy Cooper Art Coordinator
Jeff Easley Cover Artist
Ned Dameron Interior Artist
Laura Lakey Interior Artist
Denis Beauvais Interior Artist
Les Dorscheid Interior Artist
Jeff Easley Interior Artist
Ken Frank Interior Artist
Dan Frazier Interior Artist
Carol Heyer Interior Artist
David O. Miller Interior Artist
Alan Pollack Interior Artist
Robh Ruppel Interior Artist
Tony Szczudlo Interior Artist
Sarah Feggestad Graphics Coordination
Dee Barnett Graphic Design
Nancy J. Kerkstra Typography
David S. "Diesel" LaForce Diagrams