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Double-Plus Good

[literature, political commentary ]
[ ++ good ]

Strongly emphasized form of the adjective good in new-speak, the officially sanctioned language of Oceania from George Orwell's 1984.

Contrast with "Double-Plus Un Good"--
(another NewSpeak term from 1984). In NewSpeak, there is no word for bad or evil, there is only ungood.
Modifiers are also ambiguous. One uses the modifier plus for emphasis, so plus ungood means especially ungood. The most emphatic modifier is double-plus, so double-plus ungood is the worst thing you can say about something.

New Speak (NewSpeak): The central principle of NewSpeak is that it makes it impossible to contemplate rebellion against the state.
In NewSpeak, the word "peace" actually means 'time of war', the word "love" actually includes 'hate', and when you refer to "freedom," you are actually talking about slavery.


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