Interested in Irish?

The BBC offers a Introduction to Irish course called "Giota Beag" ("a wee bit").
Online RealAudio lessons are about 5 minutes each (click on "Ceacht 1", then the "Listen to Lesson 1" image on the right)
[May 2005] I also recommend exploring the BBC blas website in general (esp. BBC radio ulster).

In my opinion, one of the most challenging aspects of Irish Gaelic is trying to figure out the sounds that correspond to written Irish,
as they are different than written English. A good way to become familiar with written Irish is to review the way Irish names are written.
For example, the natural way to pronounce the Irish name "SINÉAD" would be syn-eead. But most people now know (thanks to Sinéad O'Conner)
that it's pronounced shin-ayd. In other words, to learn Irish, you have to re-learn how to read! Here's another good one to learn: séan is shawn.

Basic Irish Words & Phrases*

Dia duit.   Hello.
(Literally: God to you.)
Dia's Muire duit.
  Reply to hello.
(Literally: God and Mary to you.)
Is mise.. [ehs mesha...] I am... My name is...
caife [kah-feh] coffee
Is breá liom caife.   I love coffee.
Slán agat.   Goodbye. (Said by person leaving.)
Slán leat.   Goodbye. (Said by person staying.)
Slán abhaile.   Have a safe trip home.
Slán go fóill.   Goodbye for now.
Nior thaitin sé liom. [neer hatchin
shay lyum
I didn't enjoy it.

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Websters Online Omnipedia also has a list of Irish words....



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