The Council of Clermont


  • Medieval church councils held within the Diocese of Clermont-Ferrand (Auvergne, France).

  • The chief event of the episcopate (bishop-hood) of St. Gal (A.D. 527 to 551) was the Council of Clermont (535). Fifteen prelates of the kingdom of Austrasia assisted at it under the presidency of Honoratus, Bishop of Bourges. {more info}

  • The most famous Council of Clermont was in 1095 (sometimes called the great Council of Clermont), as the decision to organize the First Crusade was made there.
    (Pope Urban II inaugurated the First Crusade.)

  • The Council of Clermont (1130) issued a statement: ... we firmly prohibit those detestable markets or fairs at which knights are accustomed to meet to show off their strength and their boldness and which the deaths of men and danger to the soul often occur ... if anyone is killed there ... ecclesiastical burial shall be withheld from him. [Second Lateran Council - CANON 14; Condemnation of Tournaments]

  • Pope Innocent II, at the Council of Clermont (1130), reserved to himself in every case absolution from the crime of striking a cleric (in other words, only the Pope could absolve someone of that crime; "reserved cases" refers to sins whose absolution is not within the power of every confessor.)

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