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liber (1) -era -erum [free , independent, unrestrained; free from, exempt]. Adv. libere, [freely, without restraint, frankly, openly, boldly].

liber (2) -bri m. [the inner bark of a tree]; from the use of this in writing , [a book, volume, catalogue, letter].

Liber -eri m. [an Italian deity , identified with Bacchus].

liberalis -e [of freedom; worthy of a free man , gentlemanlike, courteous, generous]; adv. liberaliter.

liberalitas -atis f. [courtesy , kindness, generosity].

liberatio -onis f. [setting free , release, acquittal].

liberator -oris m. [a liberator].

liberi -erorum and -erum m. pl. [children].

libero -are [to set free , liberate, release, exempt]; of obstacles, [to lift, raise].

liberta -ae f.; see libertus.

libertas -atis f. [freedom , liberty, independence; freedom of speech, frankness, candor].

libertinus -a -um [of the class of freedmen]; as subst. m. libertinus , [a freedman], f. libertina, [a freedwoman].

libertus -i m. [a freedman]; liberta , ae, f. [a freedwoman].

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