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A Murder of Crows, A Parliament of Owls

What do You Call a Group of Birds?

Do you know what a group of Ravens is called? What about a group of peacocks, snipe or hummingbirds?
Here is a list of Bird Collectives, terms that you can use to describe a group of birds.
Birds in general A flock of birds, a dissimulation of birds, a volery of birds
BitternsA siege of bitterns, a sedge of bitterns
ChickensA peep of chickens
ChoughsA chattering of choughs
CootsA cover of coots, a raft of coots
CormorantsA flight of cormorants
CranesA sedge of cranes
CrowsA congress of crows, a murder of crows
CurlewsA herd of curlews
DovesA dule of doves, a flight of doves, a dole of doves, a cote of coves, a piteousness of doves
DucksA paddling of ducks, a raft of ducks, a team of ducks, a dopping of ducks
DunlinA fling of dunlin
EaglesA convocation of eagles
EggsA clutch of eggs
FalconsA cast of falcons
FinchesA charm of finches, a trembling of finches
FlamingosA flamboyance of flamingos
GeeseA gaggle of geese, a skein of geese
GoldfinchesA charm of goldfinches
GoshawksA flight of goshawks
GrouseA brace of grouse, a covey of grouse
GuillemotsA bazaar of guillemots
GullsA colony of gulls
HawksA cast of hawks, a kettle of hawks, a cast of hawks
Hens (chickens)A brood of hens
HeronsA siege of herons
HummingbirdsA charm of hummingbirds, a troubling of hummingbirds, a hover of hummingbirds
JaysA band of jays, party of jays
KingfishersA concentration of kingfishers
LapwingsA deceit of lapwings
LarksAn exaltation of larks
LoonsA raft of loons
MagpiesA tiding of magpies
MallardsA sord of mallards, a flush of mallards, a puddling of mallards
NightingalesA watch of nightingales
OwlsA parliament of owls, a wisdom of owls
ParrotsA company of parrots
PartridgesA covey of partridges
PeacocksAn ostentation of peacocks, a muster of peacocks
PenguinsA colony of penguins, huddles of penguins, a pride of penguins
PheasantsA bouquet of pheasants, a covey of pheasants, a nye of pheasants, a nide of pheasants, a nest of pheasants
QuailA bevy of quail, a covey of quail
PelicansA squadron of pelicans
PloversA congregation of plovers, a wing of plovers, a leash of plovers
RavensA conspiracy of ravens, an unkindness of ravens, a constable of ravens
RooksA building of rooks, a parliament of rooks
SnipeA walk of snipe, a wisp of snipe
SparrowsA host of sparrows, a quarrel of sparrows
StarlingsA murmuration of starlings
StorksA mustering of storks
SwallowsA flight of swallows
SwansA ballet of swans, a bevy of swans, a herd of swans, a whiteness of swans
TealA spring of teal
TurtledovesA pitying of turtledoves
TurkeysA rafter of turkeys, a muster of turkeys
WaterfowlA plump of waterfowl
WoodcockA fall of Woodcock
WoodpeckersA descent of woodpeckers