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Two Hundred Square Foot Cottage in Ireland Selling for $145,100


January 22, 2006 4:00 p.m. EST

Lynda Fisher - All Headline News Staff Writer

Dublin, Ireland (AHN) - A cottage in Ireland, which is about 200 square feet and has no electricity, is selling for about $145,100. The Neptune Cottage also has a toilet with no sewage outlet, according to Reuters.

"They don't come up that often, which is why it's generating so much interest," Roisin O'Grady, an assistant at auctioneers Hassett, the company that put the property on the market, told Reuters.
The cottage faces the beach, however, it also backs up to the Dublin-Rosslare railroad tracks. It is divided into two rooms and has an outside chemical toilet.

Ireland's economy has been growing exponentially. The cost of homes in the region has tripled since 1997.