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Weather/Temperature in San Jose, California

[Silicon Valley weather diary]

Current temperatures accros the country: [from USA Today]



What are the current conditions in San Jose California?
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Weather Diary (chronological order, latest entries at the bottom):

September 2003

September 21, 2003, Sunday: 3:15 PM - 102 degrees
recorded high for the day: 104
High today in Minnepolis: 61

September 22, 2003, Monday: recorded high for the day: 99 degrees
forcasted: 97 , newspaper: 92
High today in Minnepolis: 62

September 24, 2003, Wed.: High = 80 degrees
much nicer today, I'd say the ideal temp is 74 to 76 with a wind
According to the NWS site, the temp is currently (3pm) 72. Actual temp is 76.
This means you have to add 4 to 5 degrees to NWS measurement.

September 26, 2003, Fri: High = 78 degrees
nice and cool all day. mercury news forcast was 76 - 56.

October 2003

Cooled off a little during Oct, but...

October 27, 2003, Mon: High = 90 degrees (probably hotter in direct sun)
It's hot again. (Was hot all weekend.) Too much sun; no clouds anywhere; no breeze to speak of.
It's getting pretty cool at night though (low of 60 degrees).
In San Diego (where they're having those huge fires) the high today was 83.

October 28, 2003, Tue: High = 93 degrees
Just as sunny as yesterday, but slightly cooler, thanks to a breeze (12 mph). No clouds.

October 30, 2003, Thur: High = 63 degrees
Much nicer. Started actually feeling like Halloween weather last night.
CLOUDS TODAY! It's actually a little chilly by California standards (strong cool breeze). The kind of temp where the sun
on you back actually feels warming, as opposed to oppressive. Winds: NNW 12 mph

November 2, 2003, Mon: High = 59 degrees
Excellent weather. CLOUDS! Had rain late last night. Chilly enough in the morning and evening to wear a light jacket.

January 2004

January 14, 2004, Wed: High = 52 degrees
It's been pretty mild. We had a little cold snap earlier this month, but it warmed up quickly. Couple of nice days this month too. It's been overcast,
and it rains a little, and there's been a couple of mornings of frost on the car (if I get up early enough). It's about 10:30 PM, and it's 48 degrees:
the wet seems to be keeping the temperature in a small range from high to low. If you're trying to remember what 48 degrees feels like, it's a
little chilly; walking outside on the concrete in my bare feet is uncomfortable, but not painful. Sweater weather.
In the news tonight, the east cost is apparently in some kind of Cold snap. Boston at around 5 degrees (minus 10 to minus 15 with the windchill).
Which makes is colder than Minneapolis, with a high of 34 degrees, and a nighttime low of 14!

Jan. 13, 2003     Daytime High Nighttime Low 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70
San Jose CA USA 52° 44°         44 52    
Boston MA USA -2° -2 7            
Minneapolis MN USA 34° 14°   14   34        
Saint Petersburg FL USA
64° 53°           53 64  
Tokyo   Japan 46° 37°       37 46      
Osaka   Japan 45° 32°       32 45      
Madras (Chennai)   India 85° 66°             66 85
Chistchurch   New Zealand 71° 57°           57   71

February 9, 2004, Mon: High = 61 degrees
Really nice weather. Sunny (with light clouds) but not hot.

Chennai , High= 86° [chennai current temp]
Wellington: High = 68°, Night-time low = 54°
[all temps in Fahrenheit ]

February 10, 2004, Tuesday: High= 65 degrees, Low=40

Chennai , High= 84°
Wellington: High = 66°, Night-time low = 63°
[all temps in Fahrenheit ]

March 29, 2004, Monday: Sunny, Intermittent Clouds, light wind (peak 8.0 kts); High= 76.4 degrees, Low= 52 F

Chennai , High= 93° [chennai current temp]
Wellington: High = 57°, Night-time low = 52°
Tokyo: High =68°, Night-time low = 50°
[all temps in Fahrenheit ]

April 27, 2004:

The weather in Silicon Valley sucks. We had a couple of good weeks in the beginning of April where it was cool (temperature-wise); it even rained a few times. Then this weekend the heat started. Nothing to look forward to by hazy, completely cloudless days with the sun beating down for the rest of the summer 92 degrees (F) today, probably more in the sun.

10-day forcast

April 28, 2004:

Cooler today. Actually have a wind blowing for a change.

May, 2004:

Luckily after a couple of weeks of the heat-wave, it cooled off. We seemed to start getting regular winds blowing in from the NorthWest that helped to keep in cool, even on really sunny days. One night, late, I could swear I even smelled the ocean (winds were blowing so fast).

May 17, 2004, Monday:

Plenty of clouds. Almost overcast in the morning. Thank God for clouds. Good wind too. Actually only about 62 degrees right now (around noon).
"RealFeel Temperature": 64°F; Winds: WNW 6 mph

September 2004

September 7, 2004: High= 102 degrees F

Hot today. Hot yesterday too. San Jose state says the high today was 94.4 °, but that's wrong: I was looking a thermometer in the shade at about 4:45, and it was at 102 degrees...
Recorded high yesterday was 96, but the thermometer in my back yard was over 100...


November 20, 2004: Average daytime high temp = 65 degrees F
        Cool, but in a nice fall kind of way. Actually warmer in the sun, as it's perfectly clear (all blue sky, no clouds at all) [view San Jose photo]. Slightly windy (breezes to light gusts).
        Much better than, say, Minneapolis today: Overcast and 39°F (4°C). [view current St.Paul web cam] (Will probably snow this week in Minnesota.)

Nov. 28 - Dec. 4, 2004:
        moderate to chilly, 65 degrees F day; 44°F nighttime (on a couple of days, dropped to 32 degrees during the night, got some early morning frost)

. . .

September 2005

Sept. 11, 2005:
         San Jose: High: 73° ; Low: 52°
         not as hot as the last two years... (which had 100 degree+ temps in September). Slight to moderate breezes.
         (comparison: Minneapolis: High: 90° ; Low: 70° )
         nation-wide temperatures for Sept 11 2005 to right (click to enlarge).

July 2006

July 17, 2006 (San Jose CA):         THWSI (Temperature-Humidity-Wind-Sun Index): 112 ° F

July 17, 2006 Daytime High (observational) Daytime High (Reported) 0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110
San Jose CA USA 104° 96°                     104  

July 18, 2006 (San Jose CA):         THWSI (Temperature-Humidity-Wind-Sun Index): 99 ° F

        Cool at night, temp rapidly rising throughout the day. Hot and uncomfortable, but not as hot at yesterday. Small whisps of clouds sighted before noon in one
        part of the sky, but these quickly burned off. In direct sunlight, around 1:30 PM: 118 to 127.

July 18, 2006
Daytime High
Daytime High (Reported)
0 10 20 30 40 50 60 70 80 90 100 110
San Jose CA USA
99 °
96 °
Boston MA USA
100 °
92 °
Seattle WA USA
72 °
          53   72        
Minneapolis MN USA
88 °
            67   88      
Tokyo   Japan
75 °
            62 75        
Osaka   Japan
75 °
            69 75        
Auckland   New Zealand
60 °
          51 60          

July 23, 2006 (San Jose CA):

12:30 PM temperature reported as 95.1 (THSWI: 107.8).
12:45 PM "backyard-in-the-shade": 108 ° F.
01:30 PM: 110 ° F.



Yesterday (Saturday), high of 105; extreme temperature all day, with little cooling at night. Even at 11:30 PM, temp was still in the 90's.
No clouds.

"Heat Advisory - Statement as of 3:28 am PDT on July 23, 2006

... Heat advisory remains in effect until 6 PM PDT this afternoon...

After a series of high temperature records fell on Saturday... another extremely hot day is expected Sunday as a
strong ridge of high pressure continues to dominate the west. High temperatures will reach between 105 and 110 degrees in the warmest
north and East Bay valleys... as well as the Santa Clara Valley."

"Special Weather Statement - Statement as of 1:29 am PDT on July 23, 2006

... Bay area heat wave continues to shatter records... ... All time record high minimum temperature broken in San Jose...

The San Francisco Bay area continues to sizzle under an unusually strong upper level ridge of high pressure. Many locations shattered
their record high temperatures Saturday... some for the second day in a row. Most Bay area residents felt the temperature climb above
100 degrees... with temperatures reaching 110 degrees or above in the interior valleys. Little to no relief is expected inland on
Sunday... so more records will likely fall. For downtown San Jose, the previous record for July 22 was 99 degrees in 1917, it is now 103 (2006).

For the last two nights... sunset has brought little relief to the district. A humid airmass aloft has coupled with offshore flow to
prevent temperatures from falling much during the evening hours. This has resulted in some of the warmest nights in Bay area history.

In fact... on Saturday July 22... San Jose reported their warmest minimum temperature ever recorded (lowest temperature: 74 degress) for any calendar day since
temperature records began being kept in 1893. (Previous all-time warmest minimum temperature was 73 degress, set July 25 1974).




>   Tokyo web cam (index)
>   nation con temp (visual US map, alternative to USA Today map)

THWSI: Temperature-Humidity-Wind-Sun Index
This index includes the effects of all of those factors to give the apparent temperature in hot weather.
The THWSI is a similar measurement to Wind Chill Factor, but for hot days instead of cold ones! Please note that the Station only records the THWSI if the temperature is greater than 20 degrees Celsius.



San Jose State Univerisity Meteorology page (with web cam)
national weather service (nws); San Jose




national weather service (nws); San Jose

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