To get a sense of distances in The Lord of the Rings, check out this image of a map of Europe superimposed on Middle Earth.
[from "A Meridional Grid on the Middle-Earth Map"]

MapQuest for Hobbits (Quest Map) [new] (Walking directions to Mordor)

An Interactive Map of Middle Earth [from]
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topographic map of Middle Earth (a.ka. Middle-Earth Relief Map - very nice)


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In 2000 the movie trailer was downloaded by 1.7 million people in 24 hours from this site. The site was then revamped in 2001 and had over 62 million hits in its first week. This is the official movie site and it is stylish, imaginative and comprehensive. Created by New Line cinema, this extensive site features the latest trailers as well as interviews with director Peter Jackson and other members of the cast. There are also screen-savers to be downloaded, and an opportunity to explore Middle Earth through an interactive map. This is a fascinating destination for both cinema enthusiasts and fans of the books.
Established as a non-profit making charity in 1969 to further interest in the life and works of JRR Tolkien, the Society offers a range of services from seminars to social gatherings, publications and mail order merchandise. You can also join the Tolkien society on this site.
Houghton Mifflin, the US publisher of Tolkien, has an created a dedicated website concentrating on Tolkien's major works. Easy to navigate, authoritative and concise, this site is a compact guide to the Middle Earth books.
One of the best known fan sites, Tolkien Online has a range of features and resources. It's news section is second to none.

    'The Ents!' exclaimed Aragorn. 'Then there is truth in the old legends about dwellers in the deep forests and the giant shepherds of the trees? I thought they were only a memory of ancient days, if indeed they were ever more than a legend of Rohan."
    'A legend of Rohan!' cried Legolas. 'Nay, every Elf in Wilderland has sung songs of the old Onodrim and their long sorrow. Yet even among us they are only a memory...

Landscape features in the languages of Middle Earth:

alda -- tree (Quenya)

amon -- hill (Sindarin)
Examples: Amon Hen, Amon Lhaw, Amon Sul

dol -- mount ; headland or hill-top (Sindarin)
Examples: Dol Amroth, Dol Baran, Dol Guldur

duin -- river
Examples: Anduin (long river), Baranduin

emyn -- range of hills (Sindarin) -- "emyn" is the plural of "amon" [amon:emuin, emyn]
Examples: Emyn Beraid, Emyn Muil

see complete list; see also index of hills & mountains

[Sindarin ("Noldorin"); Quenya: The "small" languages]

Landscape features; other terms:

Note: these terms are English, in contrast to landscape terms from Tolkien's languages.

"The riders passed over to the islet, and glittering eyes watched them wanly from the shadows of the banks....
And they saw that in the midst of the eyot a mound was piled, ringed with stones, and set about with many spears."

besom -- a broom made of twigs tied together on a long handle

bower -- 1. A shaded, leafy recess; an arbor. 2. A rustic cottage; a country retreat. (embowered - leafy, shaded)

dingle -- A narrow dale; a small wooded valley; a dell; a small, secluded, and embowered valley [from Middle English, dell, hollow.]

eyot -- [Ey"ot] A little island in a river or lake. [Written also ait, ayt, ey, eyet, and eyght.]

mead -- (Archaic) A meadow.

sloe -- A small, bitter, wild European plum, the fruit of the blackthorn (Prunus spinosa); also, the tree itself.
blackthorn -- A thorny deciduous Eurasian shrub (Prunus spinosa) having white flowers and small, bluish-black, plumlike fruits used chiefly for flavoring alcoholic beverages such as sloe gin. Also called sloe.

wan - [Middle English, pale, gloomy, from Old English wann, gloomy, dark.]



A Lord of Rohan (master of Westfold Vale) who fought in both the Battles of the Fords of Isen*. He took command of the Westfold forces after Theodred, Theoden's son, fell in battle with the armies of Saruman, early in the year 3019 Third Age. Though it was at first feared that Erkenbrand, too, had fallen, he organised a well-ordered retreat and was able to bring the battered but unbroken Westfold Riders to the aid of the King at the Battle of the Hornburg. He was granted the title of Marshal of the West-mark by King Éomer after the War of the Ring.

*First Battle of the Fords of Isen: The assault by Saruman's forces on the Rohirrim under the command of Théodred, Grimbold and Elfhelm. Théodred the King's sole heir was slain in the attack, and indeed it was later discovered that this had been Saruman's main purpose. After Théodred's loss, Saruman's armies withdrew.



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