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The Fellowship of the Ring - Book II (Continued)

(1) Moria Gate — Being where the fellowship of the ring entered the underground city of Moria (Khazâd-dûm).
   (1a) Dimrill Dale (dwarvish: Azanulbizar, elvish: Nanduhirion) — A valley below the Dimrill Gate, where lies the lake of Kheled-zâram, and the head of the river Celebrant (the river Silverload). It was here the fellowship of the ring exited from Moria.

(2) The Forest of Lothlórian (a.k.a. Lórien, Laurenlin-dórenan) — The realm of Lord Celeborn and Lady Galadriel.
Lothlórian means 'Land of the Blossoms-of-Dreaming'. Deep in the heart of the forest lies the great aboreal city Calas Galadhon ('the City of the Trees'). It was here members of the Fellowship of the Ring, fleeing from Moria, were sheltered, and greatly assisted by the Lord and Lady of Lórien.

(3) Emyn Muil — A range of ridged hills, cloven by the Anduin (the Great River) and the deep gorge of the Argonath.
To the east, Emyn Muil falls away until the land becomes flat and featureless; on the west, Emyn Muil acts
as Rohan's East Wall. Just south of Emyn Muil, the lake of Nen Hithoel lies as part of the Anduin. The lake empties
out as the majestic Falls of Rarous, and the Anduin continues southward.
   (3a) Tol Brandir - "The Tindrock" - A tall isle with precipitous sides that rises our of the Anduin in the centre of the river, between the hills of Amon Hen and Amon Lhaw, above the Falls of Rauros. It was said by the Dunedain of Gondor that no Man had ever been known to set foot on its slopes. In the days of Gondor's power, the Tindrock marked the northenmost border of the South-kingdom.

The Two Towers - Book III

The Two Towers begins in the area around Parth Galen (4), as the company of the ring is broken........

(4) Parth Galen — The green lawn above the Falls of Rauros at the feet of Amon Hen (of Emyn Muil).
It was here that the company of the ring was broken.

(5) The Plains of Rohan — The open lands of the Kingdom of Rohan. Being where Aragorn and his companions persued the captured hobbits.

(6) The Forest of Fangorn — Being where Merry and Pipen met Treebeard (Fangorn the Ent).

(7) Edoras ('The Courts') — The capital city of Rohan; abode of King Théoden, Lord of the Mark, ruler of the Rohirrim (the Riders of Rohan). featurette

(8) Helm's Deep —

(9) Isengard (a.ka. Angrenost, "Iron Citadel") The stronghold of Saruman the White. Isengard is a fortress which includes the valley encompased by the Ring of Isengard, and the central tower itself, Orthanc.
   (9a) Orthanc (Sind.); "Mount Fang" -- The Tower of Isengard. Being the citadel of Saruman.


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