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USB, Firewire, PS2 [PS/2]

[Tech : connectors ]

PS/2 (mouse and keyboard) - 200hz

PS/2 mouses are reported to provide smother results for some gamers.
Here's a PS/2 mouse tip: "Plug your mouse into the PS/2 port. Go into your mouse hardware properties, click on the advanced settings tab and crank up the refresh rate all the way upto 200 Hz (i.e if you are using WinXP, if you're stupid enuff to use Win98 google for a utility called PS2Rate)."
Linux nerd note: "200Hz? Ps/2? I'm using USB@500Hz thanx to normalpersons usb-driver-patch for linux :) "

The physical PS/2 port is one of two styles of connectors: The 5-pin DIN or the 6-pin mini-DIN.

USB - 12 Mbps / 125 Hz

USB limits a cable's length to 16ft. Any length above 16 feet
requires the use of an active cable such as this one that has a signal booster built in.
USB behaves in a similar fashion to conventional bus ports (i.e., serial, parallel, PS/2), but since it does not require any IRQs, more devices can be attached to the system, and the problem of IRQ conflict is eliminated.

Figure 2: PS/2 to USB converter

Firewire - 100 Mbps

Also labelled as 1394 firewire, which means "400 Mbps IEEE specification 1394"
FireWire is hot-pluggable, meaning that unlike SCSI, FireWire devices can be attached or unplugged from a running system without powering down, rebooting, or disturbing running applications.



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