Lady Jane Grey

This is in no way an exhaustive list of references on this subject, nor is it intended to be.
I have not used all of the text listed in compiling research for this site.

Of the list below I have found the texts marked with an asterisk especially helpful. Many of these books are notoriously difficult to get hold of.

  • Stevenson, Joan; The Greys of Bradgate; 1977
  • Taylor, IA; Lady Jane Grey and her Times; 1908
  • * Nichols, JG (ed); The Chronicle of Queen Jane and Two Years of Queen Mary
  • * Weir, Alison; Children of England; 1996; Johnathon Cape
  • * Chapman, Hester; Lady Jane Grey; 1962; Johnathon Cape
  • * Plowden, Alison; Lady Jane Grey and the House of Suffolk; 1985; Sidgick & Jackson
  • * Luke, Mary The Nine Day Queen; 1986; William Morrow & Co.
  • * Stevenson, JA & Squires A; Bradgate Park; 1994; Kairos Press
  • Davey, Richard; Lady Jane Grey and Her Times; 1909; Methuen
  • Foxe, J; Acts and Monuments
  • Meroff, Deborah; Coronation of Glory; 1979; Zondervan Publishing House
  • Kenyon, Frank Wilson; Henry VIII's Secret Daughter;  1974; Hutchinson
  • Mathew, David; Lady Jane Grey, The Setting of the Reign; 1972; Eyre Methuen
  • Vance, Maragret; Lady Jane Grey, Reluctant Queen
  • Sidney, P; Jane the Quene
  • Nicolas, N.H; Memoirs & Literary Remains of Lady Jane Grey
  • Strickland, Agnes; Lives of the Tudor and Stuart Princesses
  • Howard, G; Lady Jane Grey and her Times; 1822
  • Florio, M; Historia de la vita - Giovanna Graia
  • Peters, Maureen; Destiny's Lady; (also known as Jewel of the Greys)
  • Bourne-Jones, Derek; Brief Candle - A Poetic Study of Lady Jane Grey; 1991; Downlander

  • Tudor History

  • The Life and Times of Henry VIII; Robert Lacey; 1972; Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • The Life and Times of Henry VII; Neville Williams; 1973; Weidenfeld & Nicolson
  • The Later Tudors; Penry Willaims; 1995; Oxford University Press
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  • Who's Who in Tudor England; CRN Routh; 1990; Shepheard-Walwyn
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