Timeline [1533 - 1554]
1533 Henry Dorset and Frances Brandon marry
1535 Charles Brandon marries Katherine Willoughby
1536 7 January - Katherine of Aragon dies 
17 May - Henry VIII divorces Anne Boleyn 
19 May - Anne Boleyn beheaded 
30 May - Henry VIII marries Jane Seymour
1537 October - Jane Grey born
12 October - Edward VI born 
24 October - Jane Seymour dies
1538 Lady Katherine Grey
Jane age:3
Jane's education begins 
6 January - Henry VIII marries Anne of Cleves 
9 July - Marriage annulled 
28 July - Henry VIII marries Katherine Howard
Jane age:5
13 February - Katherine Howard beheaded
Jane age: 6
Jane able to read simple Latin phrases and read Coverdale's Bible to herself 
Lady Mary born 
12 July - Henry VIII marries Katherine Parr
Jane age: 7
Dr Harding begins tutoring Jane in French, Greek, Italian and Spanish
Jane age: 8
Charles Brandon dies
Jane age: 9
Jane sent to Katherine Parr's court
Jane age: 10
28 January - Henry VIII dies 
Edward VI becomes King 
Katherine Parr secretly marries Thomas Seymour
Jane age: 11
July/August - Jane goes to Sudley Castle with Katherine Parr's entourage 
September - Katherine Parr gives birth to a daughter 
5 September - Katherine Parr dies
Jane age: 12
Thomas Seymour executed for treason 
Jane returns home to Bradgate 
Aylmer begins tutoring Jane 
Jane age: 13
Roger Ascham visits Bradgate 
Lord Somerset loses his Protectorship 
Jane and her family stay with Princess Mary
Jane age: 14
The two sons of Katherine, Duchess of Suffolk, die of sweating sickness 
Jane's mother and father become the Duke and Duchess of Suffolk 
Jane corresponds with European theorists in what are to become the Zurich Letters 
Jane attends Edward VI's court during festivities to celebrate the visit of Queen mary, Regent of Scotland
Jane age: 15
January - Edward Somerset, the former Lord Protector is executed
Jane age: 16
Edward VI's illness worsens 
21/25 May - Jane marries Guildford Dudley, son of the Duke of Northumberland 

June - Jane and Guildford begin living as man and wife at Durham House in London
After falling ill, Jane is sent to recover at her mother's residence in Chelsea 

21 June - All Privy Council members but Arundel sign the King's amended Will naming Jane as Edward's successor 

23 June - Prayers for the Princesses Mary and Elizabeth are omitted from all London churches 

3 July - Duchess of Northumberland visits Jane at Chelsea and told her she had been named as Edward's successor. Jane, having underestimated the extent of her cousin's illness, dismissed the Duchess' views as 'nothing more than boasting.' 

Thursday 6 July - Edward VI dies at Greenwich 

Friday 7 July - Sir John Gates summons Palace Guard to swear allegiance to Queen Jane 

Saturday 8 July - Princess Mary informed of Edward's death and sends a letter to the Privy Council assuming title and asking for their loyalty 

Sunday 9 July - Mary's letter is received by the Council 
Jane is informed of her accession 

Monday 10 July 
Procession takes Jane to the Tower where she is proclaimed as Queen 
In the evening the Council compose a reply to Mary 

Tuesday 11 July 
Ridley preaches on Jane's behalf at St. Paul's 
Robert and John Dudley, sons of the Duke of Northumberland,  advance to capture Mary 

Wednesday 12 July 
Robert and John Dudley narrowly escape capture 
News reaches Tower of widespread opposition to Jane's accession 
Jane insists Northumberland, not her father, set off to capture Mary 

Thursday 13 July 
Northumberland leaves London with troops, after a formal commission from Jane 
Jane sends a letter to the Duke of Norfolk, imprisoned within the Tower, however receives no response to her request for support 

Saturday 15 July 
Northumberland sends word to the Tower for reinforcements 
The Council grows nervous 

Sunday 16 July 
Council remain outwardly loyal, although Arundel and Cecil have allied behind the scenes 
News reaches the Tower that Mary has been proclaimed in Oxford 
Northumberland sends a sharper letter demanding reinforcements 
In the evening, Winchester and Pembroke leave the Tower for their homes 
Jane sends soldiers to return them and demands the keys to the Tower be returned to her each evening 

Tuesday 18 July 
The Council desert and meet at Baynard's Castle, Pembroke's residence 
Jane's father, the Duke of Suffolk informs his daughter she is no longer Queen 
Suffolk then leaves for Sheen, declaring Mary as Queen on Tower Hill 

Wednesday 19 July 
Jane moved to the Gentleman Gaoler's lodgings and Guildford to the Beauchamp Tower with his brothers, Northampton, Gates and Palmer 
Jane agrees to be the godmother to the child of the warder, Edward Underhill and his wife. She is not allowed to attend the christening and sent one of her gentlewomen in her place 
Mary is proclamined as Queen 
21 July - Winchester demand Jane return the Crown Jewels 
Most of Jane's possessions are taken from her 

25 July - Northumberland is returned to the Tower under arrest, following jeering in the street 

26 July - the Duchess of Northumberland is released and seeks a meeting with Mary to plead for her sons. Mary refuses to see her. 

28 July - the Duke of Suffolk is arrested at Sheen and brought back to the Tower 

31 July - Suffolk manages to successfully plead with Winchester for his release 

3 August - Mary enters the Tower 

18 August - Northumberland is sent to trial at Westminster where he sentenced to die on August 21st 

21 August - Northumberland renounces his faith and asks permission to attend a Catholic Mass, hoping for a pardon. 
Jane watches from her window as Northumberland's is taken to Mass in St. Peter's Chapel 

22 August - Northumerland is executed on Tower Hill 

14 November - Jane, Guildford, Cranmer and Guildfor's brother, Ambrose are led through the streets to Guildhall for trial 
Jane is convicted on high treason and sentenced to death 

17 December - Jane permitted to walk in the Privy Garden 
Her husband was permitted to exercise on the walk between the Beauchamp and Bell Towers
1554 January - Robert Dudley (Guildford's brother) sentenced to death 

11 February - Guildford granted permission to meet with Jane, although Jane did not wish to meet with him 

12 February 
    10am: Guildford executed on Tower Hill 
    10.30am: Jane executed on Tower Green

23 February - Duke of Suffolk executed on Tower Hill

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