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Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

Animated comedy, pilot aired on Adult Swim\Cartoon Network.
From the makers of Home Movies and Dr. Katz; but much darker (well, obviously; it IS about Satan...)

In the pilot episode:
Will the special priest squad dispatched by the Vatican be thwarted when the Devil crashes their plane?
Will Lucy be able to date someone other than evil bastards? Or will the Devil continue to run her life?
Is D.J. Jesus the second coming? Will Becky The Devil's Advocate be able to help get the Devil back on track?

Lucy and Demon Dog

Satan watches some golf

The God Squad D.J. Jesus

Lucy, the Daughter of the The Devil is Created, Written, & Directed by Loren Bouchard, who, most notably, was a co-writer on Home Movies, and the editor and co-writer on Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist.

Really great music too (in a fun, semi-amature, kind of way).


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> TITLE: Lucy Daughter of the Devil (Adult Swim, animated) - Pilot Episode
> Pilot episode of humorous but rarely seen animated show "Lucy Daughter of the Devil".
> Shown on Cartoon Network / Adult Swim in the USA. Directed by Loren Bouchard and animated by Fluid.
> ----
> Category: Animated Television Series
> Language: English
> Format: Xvid, 640x480 (widescreen, boxed)
> File Info: Xvid format (.avi) video, 101 MB
> Quality: Excellent
> Runtime: 00:11:45
> Encoded by Moonsong


C2 in the ER.

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