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DVD Home Theater optimized setup / calibration


"If you (or someone you know) belongs to Netflix, they rent Video Essentials DVD (including the blue film strip to correctly adjust your TV)."

See the customer reviews at links above for further info on needed color swatches.


Google search: Wratten Blue EK 50

"cubanx (Feb 24, 2001) 02-24-01, 05:39 PM
Get the $24.95 Avia DVD at Half.com .... use the $5 off coupon found at this site and right now Half.com has free shipping... $19.95 shipped ... thats a steal and a great HT set-up DVD ... HT system looks and sounds great now"

from the Video Essentials website:

"Red and Green Filters: In the program section about setting the Color and Tint controls, VideoEssentials (VE) mentions red and green filters used to judge the quality of the NTSC to RGB decoder. Where can I get them?
A: The best source of filter material we know about comes from Eastman Kodak (EK) and should be available from stores specializing in photographic supplies. The blue filter included with Video Essentials is designed to be as close as possible to the EK Wratten 50 filter.
For red, either the Wratten 25 or Wratten 29 should work just fine.
For green, the Wratten 54 or Wratten 58 should do the trick.
The blue filters we package with Video Essentials come from exposing motion picture print film for a maximum blue. Selecting maximum red or maximum green does work [because] those two colors are not as saturated as the Wratten filters ([because they are not saturated enough,] some red gets through the green filter, and some green gets through the red filter). We are fortunate in print film’s ability to closely match the Wratten 50 for saturated blue."




THX, Equalizers: http://www.thx.com/mod/techlib/equalizers.html "THX Certified Home Theater Equalizers provide plus/minus 6dB adjustments below 1,000Hz for the front channels, very narrow band cut adjustments for the subwoofer channel and some broad band tilt adjustments for the surround channels."

THX Certified Equalizer >> Rane Equalizers: THX22, THX 44 = http://www.northernsound.net/Sales/processing/equalizers/rane/equalizers.html#THX22
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