~ lyberty's movie ratings ~

5 out of 5 = A ( 9 or 10) - Loved it.
4 out of 5 = B ( 7 or 8 ) - Really good!
3 out of 5 = C ( 5 or 6 ) - Good, but not really good/ Just okay.
2 out of 5 = D ( 3 or 4 ) - Didn't like it. UnGood
1 out of 5  = F ( 1 or 2 ) - Hated it. Double Plus UnGood.


10: [the classics] Blade Runner
9: The Bourne Identity, The Incredibles
8: Troy, The Last Samurai, King Kong, The Matrix
7: X-Men, Donnie Darko,
6: Star Wars I-III, The Transporter, The Butterfly Effect
5: [average] Joe Dirt, What Women Want, Mean Girls, Kill Bill, Fantastic Four
4: Daredevil
3: The Transporter 2, Electra
2: Alexander, The Stepford Wives
1: [the worst of the worst] The Avengers


Title                          lyberty's rating 
  GRADE A - Loved it. My favorites.
(10: The best. So good, it's a classic. Or, just one of my all time favorites.)
  Apocalypse Now (1979)             10
  Return to Oz (1985)               10
  Surviving Desire (1991)           10
  Blade Runner                      10
  Dead Man                          10
  Fight Club                        10
  Band of Brothers (series)
  Northern Exposure (series)
  My Neighbor Totoro                10  

(9: These movies were great! Really enjoyed it at the time, and stands up to repeated viewings.)
  Kicking and Screaming (1995)       9
  Sanbiki no samurai (1964)          9
  The Matrix Revolutions             9
  The Incredibles                    9
  The Bourne Identity (2002)         9
  Good Will Hunting (1997)           9
 GRADE B - Recommended. Better than average. 4 stars.
(8: Really good! Definitely recommended.)
  Conan the Barbarian                8
  The Last Samurai (2003)            8 
  The Matrix                         8
Troy (2004) 8 King Kong (2005) 8 (7: Good. Enjoyed it. Recommended.) Apollo 13 7 Cecil B Demented 7 Donnie Darko (2001) 7 Finding Neverland 7/6 (good, but forgettable) The Book of Life (1998) 7 High Heels and Low Lifes (2001) 7 Serpico 7 X-Men 7 GRADE C - Better than average (6), or just average (5). GOOD BUT FORGETTABLE. (6: Good, but not as good as it could have been. Enjoyed it, but...) Star Wars: Ep. I (Phantom Men.) 6 Mr. & Mrs. Smith (2005) 6 X2 (X-Men II) 6 The Transporter 6 The Butterfly Effect 6 The Village 6 Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 6 Kikujiro 6 (5: Average Hollywood fare. Not really good, but it was 'okay'. Passable. (Most romantic comedies fall into this category. "Eh.") Someone Like You (Ashley Judd) 5 Natural Born Killers 5 What Women Want 5 Fantastic Four 5 Surviving Christmas 5 GRADE D - Did not like it. Bad movies.
(4: Still watchable if you're bored.) Ballistic: Ecks vs. Sever (2002) 4 Daredevil 4 Steamboy 4 (3: A bad movie. Skip it.) Daddy Day Care (2003) 3 The Mummy & Mummy Returns 3 The Patriot (2000) 3 Transporter 2 (2005) 3 GRADE F - Hated it. Awful. Crap. Avoid these movies. Mostly reserved for films so bad I couldn't watch them all the way through. Alexander (2004) 2 Anger Management (2003) 2 The Stepford Wives (2004) 2 The Avengers (1998) 1
Spanking the Monkey 1

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KEY: <5 star rating scale> = <LETTER GRADE> (10 scale)

notes (another way of thinking about the ratings) :

10: "A+" Exceptional. Can watch it numerous times over the years and still enjoy it.
 9:  "A" : Loved it! Really enjoyed it, personally. One of my favorites.
 8: "A- / B+" : Really good. Enjoyed it. Definitely recommended. Came out thinking: "Wow, that was a good movie."

Note that I may rate movies a 9 or 10 if I really loved it at the time, but have since outgrown it. In other words,
movies I have fond memories of from my youth, but probably wouldn't enjoy nearly as much if I saw
them for the first time now.

6: I might own this on DVD. Better than average.
5: Average hollywood fare. Rentable from netflix if you're bored. It was okay when I saw it, but no desire to see it again.
4: Not worth renting from Netflix, but it's a watchable movie if they're playing it on tv....

Movies at 5 or below are totally forgettable (e.g. Daredevil: what the hell happened in that movie? Who cares?) .

3: The kind of movie that you probably won't watch to the end. Just barely watchable. You don't care if you miss part of it.

2: Has gone past "bad" to "annoyingly bad". The kind of movie you wish you could get your time back from. The word "crap" comes to mind.
1: OMG. WTF?

Movies that you can miss whole chunks of, or not watch to the end: 4 or 3.
Movies that you loath and/or are just offensively bad, with no redeeming social or entertainment value: 2 or 1.

a "10" (A+) should be reserved for the best movies you've ever seen. ("Loved it! That was great!")
a "1" (F) should be reservered for the worst movies you've ever seen. ("Hated it!")
a "5" (C) means "it was okay. average. passable. not great, but not bad..."

10: -Awsome. [the classics] Blade Runner
9: - Great. The Bourne Identity, The Incredibles
8: Troy, The Last Samurai, King Kong, The Matrix
7: X-Men, Donnie Darko,
6: Star Wars I-III, The Transporter, The Butterfly Effect
5: Just okay. [average] Joe Dirt, What Women Want, Mean Girls, Kill Bill
4: A little below average. Didn't really like it. Fantastic Four, Daredevil
3: Definitely didn't like it. The Transporter 2, Electra
2: Hated it. Alexander, The Stepford Wives
1: Wish I could burn all the copies of this movie to spare the world. [the worst of the worst] The Avengers


Why the Star Rating System Doesn't Work.
A star is a good thing. You'd get a star on your paper in grade school if you did a good job (or at least a decent one).

So it's confusing for people to give 1 star to a movie they hated (e.g. On Neflix, you'll often see reviews where the reviewer states their wishes for a "negative star rating".) And people don't equate 2 stars with a bad movie (even though a rank of 2 out of 5 is equivalent to a D grade); they tend to thing of 2 stars as "okay\ a good effort".

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