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Invader Zim

[entertainment: television : episodic ]

first post: Jan. 16, 2005
last updated: Jan. 16, 2005
author: lyberty

Invader Zim episode list

News: Upcoming Release of the Zim Home Deluxe Box Set!

ASIN: B00069A6WC; Studio: Media Blasters, Inc* ; DVD Release Date: April 14, 2005

* AnimeWorks is a division of Media Blasters.

Buy Now

Can somebody please tell me why they're making us wait until April for this?

DVD 1: "Doom, Doom, Doom" (Vol. 1) (2001)

Episode List

The Nightmare Begins
Bestest Friend
Parent eacher Night
Walk of Doom
Dark Harvest
Attack of the Saucer Morons
Career Day
Planet Jackers
Rise of the Zitboy
Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain
Bad Bad Rubber Piggy
Room with a Moose

Commentary List

The Nightmare Begins - Rikki Simmons, Wally Wingert and Jhonen
Bestest Friend - Rikki Simmons, Ian Graham and Jhonen
Nanozim - Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Parent Teacher Night - Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Walk of Doom - Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Dark Harvest - Eric Trueheart and Jhonen
Attack of the Saucer Morons - Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Planet Jackers - Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Rise of the Zitboy - Eric Trueheart, Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain - Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Bad Bad Rubber Piggy - Surprise Commentary!
Room with a Moose - Rikki Simmons and Jhonen
Hamstergeddon - Eric Trueheart, Ian Graham, Rikki Simmons and Jhonen

Pilot Episode with and without Jhonen Vasquez Commentary

Featurette which includes interviews and other "strange" footage!!



Media Blasters: Launch page for first DVD