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music sopranos season 1 at the end to tony ?

The Sopranos
Episode: 7 - "Down Neck "
15 September 2005 ("Pilot" episode)

>> Season 1 Episode (EP) 7: DOWN NECK

When the end credits start, whats that music playing ?

And it`s not one of these:

"Don't Bring me Down" Eric Burdon & The Animals; "Carrie-Anne" Hollies, witch are stated on the music page.

Thank you for your help.



Other popular songs Season 6

• .... it's [Moby's song] "When It's Cold, I'd Like to Die" (end credits, "Join the Club") is sung by Mimi Goese, not Annie Lennox, but it does sound like her.

...... OK the > song is Seven Souls by Material (Bill Laswell) and
> the voice over is Wm Burroughs.

I remember in Season 5 Paulie was listening to some
> self help audio book who was that? I never would have
> thought he would listen to that its all garbage but
> who was that?

I think that was Sun Tzu's "Art of War"

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