(R. Buckminster Fuller)
(c) 1999 Liberty Miller

acrylic paint on matte board
SIZE: 8 " x 10 "
Buckminster Fuller
Assignment Details:
1. Simplify an image of a face
2. Mix all colors from red, yellow, blue, white, and black.
3. Values must remain constant.
Upper left hand corner: Choose an analogous scheme (four hues next to each other on the 12-step color wheel); use only tints (add white).
( my solution: red-orange, orange, yellow-orange, yellow )
Upper right hand corner: Use triad scheme (3 colors equidistant) from color wheel (other than primaries); use only tones. ( my solution: tones of green, violet, orange {secondaries} )
Use a shade (+ black) of your choice for background. [blue tone]
Lower left hand corner: 5 hue grey scale; black to white
Lower right hand corner: Use double complementary scheme (4 hues): use any tints, tones and shades. [ blue, blue-green, orange, red-orange ]

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