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Amnesia Greens [Item]
Q: What are Amnesia Greens for?

A: They "unlearn" an ability from a GF's ability list.

Q: Why in the world would I want to get rid of a GF ability?

A: GFs only have a limited amount of room in their ability lists.
In other words, there's only so many abilities that a GF can learn (22 to
be exact). All abilities need room in the list to exist, and every GF has innate 
abilities thay already fill up the list. So if you teach another ability
to a GF using an ITEM you prevent one of their natural abilities from
from appearing later. (See "Accelerator" below for details on GF Ability Items.)
So you can use the Amnesia Greens item to eliminate an ability you 
may not need. Abilities you may want to get rid of are usually
abilites that almost all GFs have. For example, if you have two GFs 
consistently junctioned to one character, both GFs don't need to have the Draw ability,
or the Item ability... 

Q: Where can I find Amnesia Greens?

A: You can buy Amnesia Greens at the Pet Shop in Timber.

Accelerator [GF Ability Item]
Q: What is the Accelerator item for?

A: The accelerator is a rare GF ABILITY ITEM. These items can be used on GFs to learn new
abilities. Use these items in the menu (not during a battle). The GF that the
accelerator is used on learns the "Auto-Haste" ability.
Using the "Time Mag-RF" (Time Magic Refine) ability, you can choose to refine
the Accelerator into 100 haste spells instead.        

Q: How do I get an Accelerator?

A: You can refine an Accelerator from 100 "Lightweights" (shoes) using the
GF Ability "GFAbl Med-RF" (GF Ability Medicince Refinement).
(You can buy Lightweights. You can also get Lightweights from Mugging a Vysage on the Ice Plains.)
you can refine the rare Kiros Card into 3 Accelerators (using the "Card Mod" GF Ability).
you can get one by killing the alien Pupu (I DO NOT recommend this, since you will
PERMANENTLY forfeit a rare card and will NEVER be able to finish the collection.)

This item is used as an example. Key concepts:
1. You can refine items into other items (many 'cheap' items refined into an
'expensive' one.)
2. You can refine magic out of items.
3. You can use items to increase character or GF abilities.
4. You can get items by defeating monsters, or you can refine items from cards.
For complete details on all items, see the Item Refinement Guide
and the Card-Refine List.

Boost [GF Ability]
(also called "G.F. Aid") Q: What is Boost and how do you use it? A: Boosting is simple. When a GF learns the Boost ability, you can Boost (or increase) the GFs attack during battle by doing the following: Hold down the SELECT button, and a small picture of a finger over the SQUARE button (like the one on your controller) will appear. Tap the SQUARE button as rapidly as possible to increase the number next to the picture. When an X appears over the icon, STOP TAPPING until the X disappears again. If you tap while the X is on-screen, the counter will reset to 75. You have roughly a one second leeway between when the X begins to appear and when youll actually get penalized. The minimum boost is 75, while the maximum is 250. With most GFs its tough to get more than 175, but with a good turbo controller, you can get 250 with any GF. or to put it another way: - When you see the name of the attack hold down the select button. - Tap the square as fast as you can. - When you see a big red 'X' cross the icon in the bottom right, stop pressing square. When it leaves start pressing it again. You may want to invest in a Turbo Controller (you can get them cheap). You can get about double the damage you can hitting square with your thumb. Card Game (Triple Triad) Q: Why should I bother playing the card game?
A: Simple. Quezacotl can transmogrify (refine) cards into items using the "Card Mod" ability. Rare cards yield rare items - and without rare items, you can never upgrade to the strongest weapons, uncover the strongest guardian forces, or master the game's deepest secrets. So, play cards as often as you can against everyone you meet. Otherwise, you'll be fighting with weak weapons, and everyone will laugh at you. ( Note: After winning a card game, on the screen where your select the card you want: White text : means you already have that card. Blue Text: means that you don't have that card yet. Yellow Text: means that you've lost that card in the past. Q: How do I avoid combining card rules? A:To avoid combining rules, simply repeatedly answer "No" when asked if you want to play until your opponent doesn't ask to combine rules anymore (i.e., your opponent doesn't say something like "Let's play with Esthar's rules, too." before the "Yes/No" dialog). For more info, see the Card Rule Manipulation FAQ. Devour Q: What is "Devour"? A: The best answer to this question can be found here. Essentially, its a GF ability (from the GF "Eden" only) that allows you to eat your enemies. The following enemies (after around level 30) can increase ability stats permanently if you devour them: T-Rexaur (STR +1); Dragon Skin [Item] Used to improve Zell's weapon and Quistis' weapon. You can receive the Dragon Skin from a high-level Anacondaur. For more info, see the Weapon Upgrade page and/or the Weapon Quest Guide. Enc-None [GF ability] (Enounter-None) This is an ability of the Diablos GF. Avoids all random encounters/fights with monsters. (The Diablos GF is obtained by using the "Magic Lamp" item.) This ability must be used for the "Alien Encounter" subquest. Dollet Q: In Dollet, the book indicates that there is a copy of Occult Fan 2 in a stack of magazines at the Pub. I searched them all and found several items, some old books, and some letters. What am I missing? A: It's there, just keep searching the stacks. ( Elements (Magic) Q: What are those little symbols? ("Weak against...") A: Here are what the element symbols are: EARTH HOLY POISON WIND ICE vs FIRE THUNDER vs WATER You wouldn't naturally assume Thunder and Water were opposed, but in the game, thunder magic is supposed to be strong against water element creatures (and vice-versa). Personally, I wish it was easier to distinguish between the Earth, Fire, and Water symbols... Girl Next Door [Item] Q: What is the "Girl Next Door" magazine used for ? A: Exchange the 'Girl Next Door' magazine with Zone aboard the White SeeD ship in Disc Three, and you get the very rare Shiva card. (The Shiva card can be modified into 100 North Wind spells.) Grendels / Blue Dragons Q: I don't have the Dragons Fangs that are required to get the Lionheart Gunblade. The book indicates that they're dropped by Grendels and Blue Dragons. Where do I find the Blue Dragons? I am having problems getting it from a Grendel. A: You can find the Blue Dragons in the forests east of Trabia Garden, however, they're quite rare. Getting the item from a Grendel is difficult unless the Grendels are at a very low level (under level 30). Grendels can be found in Timber Forest, Balamb Garden Disc 2, or Battleship Island. ( Ifrit Card Do not lose your Ifrit Card to anyone except General Caraway. You must lose your Ifrit Card to General Caraway in order to get the Rinoa card. After you lose the card to Caraway, you can get it back from another character (Martine in Finsherman's Horizon). Move/Find [GF Ability] To use Move/Find, have a character junction the Move-Find ability. After Junctioning it, youll be able to see Draw Points and Save Points that were previously invisible. This wont be obvious, but in some places if you remove the Move-Find ability, youll see that a Save/Draw Point may disappear. Mug [GF Ability] Q: What is "mug"? A: This is an ability of Diablos (from the magic lamp). Description: "Changes Attack To Mug". What this means is that you actually rob (steal) items from an enemy when attacking him. This is a way to sometimes get rare items. "When you defeat Diablos immediatly junction him and start learning the HP junction ability. Then focus on learning Mug. Learning Mug early in the game will help you acquire a lot of items that will be needed later in remodeling your weapons." "Mug (capture) allows you to attack, then steal from the enemy. Enemies carry and drop (there IS a difference between these 2 terms) different items at different levels. So, say if I steal from a Wendigo, I might receive a Steel Pipe, but if I defeat it (without stealing from it previously!), it might drop a Steel Orb instead. Also note that once you've successfully stolen something from an enemy, don't expect it to drop anymore items when you do defeat it, except for cards. Another thing: what an enemy drops is sometimes determined by your use of G.F. Bahamut's 'Rare Item' party ability. If an enemy isn't dropping what you're looking for, try equipping that ability if you have it. Likewise, if you've 'Rare Item' equipped, but the enemy doesn't give up the item you want, try de-equipping that ability instead. If you still have trouble acquiring the items you want, I suggest using G.F. Quezacotl's 'Card' command ability on the enemy, followed by Quezacotl's 'Card Mod.' menu ability to get the items. However, this tactic might not work on all enemies." Time The amount of time that passes while on a quest can be important to your SeeD ranking (and how much money you can earn). Note that hitting the "Start" button DOES pause the "time played" clock. However, time spent in the Menu does NOT pause the "time played" clock. Queen of Cards (Disk 4 quest) How do I find the Queen of Cards? After you find the Ragnarok during Disc 4, you can find the Queen Of Cards. She is on the tip of the Southern Esthar Peninsula. Go to the Abadan Plains, south of Tear's Point, outside Esthar's "cloak", on the mainland immediately west of an island in the vicinity. It is the same location where you can find Piet's escape pod crash site during Disc 3. There is no visible sign of the Queen Of Cards on the map; simply walk around the southern part of the plains until you find her. (If you walk on the right place you will be automatically transferred to her.) How do I find Ragnarok? (Disk 4 quest) When you first arrive at Edea's House during Disc 4, go towards the lighthouse/beach area and watch a FMV of Ultimecia's Castle. Head north; you will be walking on a large metal chain. There will be three portals on the west side of the screen; each takes you to a different location on the world map. Take the middle one (face it and press X to jump over to it). Enter the portal; it will take you to Centra's Serengetti Plains just a bit north of the Centra Ruins. Check the World Map; you will see two red dots--the red dot which is _not_ at Fisherman's Horizon is the Ragnarok (the red dot at Fisherman's Horizon is Balamb Garden). There is a bay of water to the north. Go to the west and swing around the bay; then continue east (and slightly north) until you reach The Tricky Chocobo Forest, which is nestled in a semi-circle of mountains on the Nectar Peninsula, almost due south of Fisherman's Horizon. Ride a Chocobo out of the Forest (if you haven't completed the Forest before this point, you can either complete it now or "buy" a Chocobo from the ChocoKid--I recommend the latter), and go to the beach south and slightly west of the Centra Ruins. Cross the shallow water, going generally to the west, till you reach a beach north of Edea's House. Proceed to the east, then north (you can stay on the Chocobo the whole way--there's a small gap in the mountains to go through), until you reach the Ragnarok, which is in the Kashkabald Desert. Near the Ragnarok is another portal. If you enter it, a fourth portal will appear by the chain at Ultimecia's Castle (go back through to get back to the Ragnarok). You can now fly the Ragnarok around wherever you like, although there are certain places you cannot enter because of time compression--most towns are non-enterable, most dungeons are enterable. Enter any of the four portals on the world map to return to Ultimecia's Castle. random tips and tricks


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