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how i would do games:

GTA: San Andreas : the best game ever?


The PS3 costs $500 ($US / USD) in its basic version, but its parts and manufacturing expenses are costing Sony $806 - a loss of $307 per machine, according to the research firm iSuppli.

A $600 version with wi-fi connectivity and a larger hard drive is losing Sony $240 per unit.

Both versions are already seen as costly compared to Microsoft's Xbox 360, which has $300 and $400 consoles, and Nintendo's Wii, launched this weekend at $250.

But iSuppli says the PS3 provides more processing power and capability "than any consumer electronics device in history". "Because of this, the PlayStation 3 is a great bargain."

Nevertheless, the substantial loss Sony is taking on the machine is far greater than that sustained by Microsoft when it subsidised the launch of its Xbox 360 a year ago.

The $400 version contained parts worth $525 - a loss of $126 per unit.

PS3 versions, spec differences :
60 BB HDD vs 20 BB HDD (replaceable, 2.5" serial ATA drive, like laptop )
3.2 GHz cell processor
IEEE 802.11 b/g Wi-Fi (vs just Bluetooth)
Memory Stick/SD/CompactFlash Slots on deluxe version (vs. just USB)



I'm now playing : Black & White 2 (PC) , Battlefield 2 (PC)


6/26/2006 - X-Play's "Best for the X-Box"
{ The Best and Worst of the X-Box - Episode #6070 }

01. - Halo 2 (In my opinion, not as good as Halo 1, at least in terms of multiplayer.)
02. - Star Wars - Knights of the Old Republic (KOTR) {available on PC}
03. - Ninja Gaiden (looks stupid to me...)
04. - Burnout 3, Takedown
05. - Chronicles of Riddick, Escape from Butcher Bay {available on PC}
06. - Psychonauts
07. - Splinter Cell Chaos Theory
08. - Beyond Good & Evil
09. - Jet Set Radio Future
10. - Forza Motorsport (w Xbox live) [2005]

The worst game ever for the X-Box: Drake of the 99 Dragons -
"the apogee of suck."


There should be a law that games can not advertise on television using cutscenes or scenematics: IN-GAME PLAY ONLY.
Because these recent X-Box 2 ads, for example, deliberately misrepresent the games by implying that what you are seeing
is what playing the game will look like. And it's not true...

There should be a law that game manufacturers cannot put advertisements for real-world products in their game

unless they are willing to reduce the game price for the end consumer by $5 per ad...
(Worst offender: Fight Night Round 3 * for the XBox 360, by EA sports.> $75 and you're forced to constantly look
at ads
for Burger King, Staples, et al? ... No fracking way!
Let EA Sports and Burger King know that you hate ads in games!
* Release Date March 30, 2006




Quake 4: (review, November 2005) -{PC}- Ugly as sin. Send these designers to graphic arts college, please. Avoid.

Shattered Union --{PC}-- real time strategy game

Age of Empires III: -{PC}- looks good! If you liked Age of Empires II, you'll like this one.


Games to check out:

Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion
{Bethesda Softworks}

(patrick stewart narrates)

Kung Fu Chaos

Party game for the Xbox.
" Kung Fu Chaos probably won't keep you occupied for long..."

watch video "preview"

Battlefield 2

Black & White : -{PC}- (the original, aka "Black & White I")

_ sample ebay cost: $8+$5.40 shipping= $13.50; $8+$4=12
_ amazon cost :$9.50

2003 "Best of": :Overall best game:
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

[PC, Xbox ]

As of 2005, June, for PC: $19, new [buy]
for X-box : $21, new
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox/PC) = 2003 GOTY

2003 "Best of": :Best First-Person Shooter:
'Call of Duty'
[ PC ]

As of 2005, Game of the Year edition: $27 new
Call of Duty: United Offensive Expansion Pack
(three new single-player campaigns (12 new levels) and expanded multiplayer modes w/ 10 new maps) : $30
Call of Duty Deluxe Edition: $40


Beyond Good and Evil

* X-Play's Best Games for the X-Box, #8 (2006)


World Of Warcraft

> [screenshots, zipped, 1.5 MB]
> desktops

James Bond 007: Everything or Nothing
Primary Platform: PS2 - 02/17/2004
Other releases: XBOX - 02/17/2004; GC- 02/17/2004
screenshot 2

Website (eagames)
Gamespot Game Entry > review = 8.8 (great)

As of May 2005: $20, new

Jade Empire
{ Bioware }



Terminal Velocity (for the PC; flight sim, 1995)

Game: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 3 (PS2)
Release Date: Nov 16, 2004
The action is so fast-paced and viscerally satisfying that it can genuinely appeal even to those otherwise uninterested in Dragon Ball Z.

Master list of all PlayStation 2 / PlayStation games

(only in Japan):
Konyamo Dorubako

Kuma Uta

Ryuu ga Gotoku (Japan version) {PlayStation 2} Sega
(Ryu Ga Gotoku )

Shinobido Imashime (PS2) [Spike]

Megamitensei :
Devil Summoner: Kuzunoha Raidou aka Megami Tensei

TV Tokyo
2381. Konyamo Dorubako!!
2382. Konyamo Dorubako!! 2000
2383. Konyamo Dorubako!! 2001

Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance (GameCube)

panzer dragoon saga - Sega Saturn ($100 to $200)
panzer dragoon Orta -

From the makers of Isgaea: La Pucelle Tactics  

Guitar Hero II, Part 2 - The 80's


* best of lists: X-Play ; GameSpy
2004 (Xplay)


== my list ==

* BattleField 1492 [PC]

* Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos
[ - Official site. Includes downloads, patches, guides, and more.]
More sites about Computer Games > Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos

*    Baldurs Gate / IceWind Dale II

*    Final Fantasy VIII [played 2002]

*  Legend of Dragoon [played 2002]

*  Icewind Dale [review
I consider this more of a warning than a recommendation:
"Once in a while, a game comes along that completely takes over your life. StarCraft, Baldur's Gate, and EverQuest were all like that. And now Icewind Dale arrives to flush productivity right down the toilet. "

*   Risk [troubleshooting tips] {PC}

*   Blood Omen, Legacy of Kain   (yes, this is still the best game EVER!)

*   Soul Reaver

*   Suikoden [1996]

*   Descent [1996]

*   WipeOut [1996] (the second best game ever)

*   Perfect Dark [2001]

*  Unreal Tournament [2001 - 2003]

*   Warcraft II

*    Carmageddon (yeah baby!)

*    Civilization (on my old Apple II)

* Twisted Metal Black [PS2]
I don't like this as much as the original Twisted Metal. The controls are hard to get a grip on, and there's just too much happening at once...

*    Final Fantasy XII [played 2008]

for gamers......

Penny Arcade

"Netflix" for Video Games

E3 2006 games of interest:

*    Crackdown [ XBox 360 ]

*    Gears of War [ XBox 360 ]


I remember when the PS2 was just a rumor....



The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

Release Date: US: November 15, 2005 -{PlayStation2}- //developer: Traveler's Tales ; distributed by bvg//
(November 11, 2005 by Juan Castro)

"It bucks nearly every trend when it comes to movie-based videogames by offering a polished, well-designed adventure.
It looks good, plays well and keeps things fresh by offering a slew of different play styles. It's by no means a perfect game,
as none really is, but it's a great game for adolescents, and good game for older gamers as well. It makes great use of the source material, too, so fans of the book (and the movie) will love the game's style and narrative. .." more

Final Fantasy XII

Release Date: ?? -{PlayStation2}-

 ~ Gabe (of wrote, in a 2004 opinion piece, that FF XII (FF 12) looked like it was going to be "another spin off like Crystal Chronicles that I'll play and enjoy while I wait for the next real Final Fantasy game. " Considering the monumental technological feat the game game turned out to be, I'm wondering if he ever changed his mind?

= notes =

Chromehounds for XBox 360 (xplay rating: 3 out of 6)

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(2007 link addition) see Laisren's Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion game log.
(2008 link addition) emulators ( PCSXBox - PSX Emulator for XBox )

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