SetOwnership (command)

{ 'Oblivion' Console command }

 This command sets the ownership of the referenced object-instance to the specified NPC, Player, or Faction.


<referenced-item>.SetOwnership <Owner>   

Syntax Description

Parameter Type Optional or Required Details
referenced-item. RefID Required Required parameter if object-instance has not been previously referenced. The period is required as part of the parameter.


{ Owner-NPC | Owner-Faction }

NPC-BaseId Optional Choice (either/or) Specify either an Owner-NPC (as ), or an Owner-Faction.
  • For an Owner-NPC, use a BaseID number (not a RefID number).
  • For FactionID, specify a Faction name (as an EditorID / plain text) or Faction BaseID number.
  • If no Owner is specified, the reference is assumed to be "Player" (sets ownership to player-character ([00000014]?).



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