Separated at Birth (Oblivion Quest)


Prerequisites: None
Quest giver: Reynald Jemane in Chorrol
Reward: 50 gold, paid in advance

Background Information

Someone in Cheydinhal has been impersonating Reynald Jemane.


Travel to Cheydinhal, and find out who has been impersonating Reynald Jemane. Ask around Cheydinhal about Reynald Jemane and you find out that there is a man named Guilbert Jemane staying at an inn in Cheydinhal. Once you talk to Guilbert Jemane, he will be surprised and will go to Chorrol. Travel to Chorrol and meet up with Guilbert Jemane at the Grey Mare to finish the quest.

Journal Entries

After hearing some rumors:

I've heard rumors in Chorrol that Reynald Jemane has been seen in Cheydinhal, and that he's acting strange. Whenever approached by someone from Chorrol, he seems to have no memory of them whatsoever, even if he's met them before. This seems strange enough to follow up on. I should go find Reynald Jemane around town.

After speaking to Reynald in Chorrol:

Reynald denies that he's ever been to Cheydinhal recently. In fact, in his drunken condition, it's doubtful he could make it anywhere without falling down. Reynald's paid me fifty gold to travel to Cheydinhal and find the man who's impersonating him.

After talking to people in Cheydinhal regarding Reynald Jemane:

I was told by a resident of Cheydinhal that there is in fact a Guilbert Jemane in town. I should go find this Guilbert and uncover his relation to Reynald.

After meeting Guilbert Jemane at the Grey Mare in Cheydinhal:

I've met Guilbert Jemane, who is Reynald's twin brother. Guilbert did not know that his brother was still alive, and is anxious to meet him. He asked me to meet him in Chorrol, so that they can thank me together for my help in reuniting them.

After seeing the brothers united in Chorrol:

The Jemane brothers have been reunited. After they speak, I should speak to Guilbert, who seems the more levelheaded of the two brothers.

After completing the last stage of this quest, you can talk to Guilbert to begin the next quest, "Legacy Lost".

Tips & Oddities

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