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Evaluating Web Pages: Techniques to Apply & Questions to Ask - UC Berkeley - Teaching Library Internet Workshops

April 29, 2005:

Search: Lyberty Alliance
Brian Matthew Kessler's Liberty HomePage: NoWhere @ All
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lybertytv freiheitsstatue vitaya ???? libertyclub lyberty falwell's wrvl ...
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April 19, 2005:

Good blog layout - use as inspiration for adding Google AdSense to your website:
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April 15, 2005:

Phone company is screwing you: try corporate VOIP service:

How much can you afford?


2005 March 24 Thursday:

Comfort Keyboard Systems [CKS Comfort Keyboard]

Buying it [$275] (or $350 here)
Alternative: ErgoFlex [ $170 ] or Ergo Magic [ $170 ]

again: buy link 1 | buy link 2

Vertical Mouse (Review) (reviews other keyboards as well [2003], like the vertical keyboard and DataHands ($500 - $1,200)


2005 March 15 Tuesday:

Thermal Printable Hub printable 4x DVD+R
50 Pack ProDisc 4X DVD+R Media White Thermal Hub Printable 4.7GB DVD Plus R Disc, $0.34 each ($17)

(No stacking ring, hub printable! )

Froogle Search: thermal dvd Hub


2005 March 10 Thursday:

DHTML and CSS for the World Wide Web: Visual QuickStart Guide, Third Edition
by Jason Cranford Teague
pg. 306 - Chapter 15 "Making an Object Draggable"</h3>

Dynamic Duo: 50 draggable boxes in DHTML (see also WEB > DESIGN folder)


the Amazing Draggable Layer (codelifter.com)

Feb. 16, 2005:


Futurama Mixes Volume 2 - Kittens Give Morbo Gas!

2.18: The Problem With Popplers:
Amy: We're doomed!
Hermes: Dooomed!
[Bender takes a deep breath...]
Bender: Doooooo...!
4ACV15: The Farnsworth Parabox
Both Benders (in unison): We're doomed! Dooooooooomed!

Final Fantasy MIDIs [Friday, December 13, 2002]: link broken (was http://www.geocities.com/bahllama )

The Way Back machine version (only one version, Nov 28, 2001) points to http://squall.nu/

Goggle search on bahllama & noie {bahllama@hotmail.com} & f f v i i i: m y b l u e h e a v e n
(& maybe sunspots.JPG)

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Feb. 14, 2005:

They Laughed at Joker's boner! (see also)


XML in Word 2000: a training course from Microsoft :
Jeeze, I can't keep up. I still thought we were using DTDs. But guess what?
"When XML first came out, there were DTDs (Document Type Definitions) that defined what the XML was going to look like and how it worked. But DTDs were written in yet another format than XML and so if you wanted to write XML applications you had to learn XML and how to write a DTD. But then along came the XML Schema language, a language written with XML. With this language, you don't have to learn a second format to define how your XML applications will work. " - more




John Chambers Announces 2nd Quarter Fiscal Year 2005 Financial Results for Cisco Systems, Inc.

-- 2nd Quarter Net SALES (revenue): $6.1 billion
(12.3% increase year over year; 1.5% increase quarter over quarter)

-- 2nd Quarter Net INCOME (earnings): $1.40 billion .........GAAP; $1.5 billion pro forma

-- 2nd Quarter Earnings Per Share: $0.21 ......GAAP; $0.22 pro forma

"posting our eleventh consecutive quarter of pro forma net income exceeding $1B . . ."

" our pro forma profits exceeding 20% of revenue. "

"Cash flow from operations was a solid $1.8B. During the quarter we repurchased $2.7B of common stock and exited the quarter with approximately $17B in cash, cash equivalents, and marketable investments. "

product orders grew 12% year over year.
10 to 15% year-over-year growth.

Networked Home and IP Telephony : possible $1B in sales...


JMP Securities analyst Sam Wilson, characterized the results ($1,400,000,000 in profit over the last 3 months) as "mediocre."
(see "Why the market is bullshit", below).

By way of comparison, Microsoft had an operating INCOME for the second quarter of $4.75 billion (which was an increase of $3.27 billion over the same period in the prior year.) IBM had an INCOME of $3.10 billion for their last quarter.

What's the difference between "Sales" and "Revenue"?
A: Gross income is listed as revenue for service companies and as sales for manufacturing companies.

Gross income is commonly defined as all the money, goods, and property received by the company that must be included as taxable income.

Net income, or merely "income", is income after outlays are deducted.
Synonyms: earnings, lucre, net, net profit, profit, profits.

So "Sales" is revenue, but "Income" is profit.

(sometimes also referred to as "Sales Revenue" = Price x Quantity)

Feb. 7, 2005:

Why the market is bullshit:

-requirement that a company must _increase_ market share and profits every quarter, preferably in an exponential way. It doesn't matter if the company is making tons of money, or if it's making a measly amount of money. So it's not about profits, it's about ever increasing growth. But if you're the number one provider of some service or goods, what if there's nothing else to sell? What if everyone that you can sell to has already bought your product? What if there's no more market share to take? Then your stock price is punished.

Cisco did $22 billion worth of sales in 2004. That's $22,000,000,000.
Billion. With a "B".
Cisco generates $300 million-$400 million per month in operating cash flow. Furthermore, Cisco has a rock-solid balance sheet with $18 billion of net cash. But you wouldn't know it by the share price.
Who cares is they make an imaginary target of 22% earnings growth? (Microsoft has a target of 11% growth by the way.) Why is it not enough for a company to generate tremendous profits in a consistent way? Shouldn't companies be valued against each other by how much money their making?
Furthermore, if Cisco reports something like revenue and earnings growth of about 15%, it will be called "disappointing" and the stock price will fall. It doesn't matter if 15% earnings growth in a quarter is better than the vast majority of companies during the same period.

To sum up:
-earning money: no good
-making profits: yawn
-having a solid financial footing (i.e. not a lot of debt): who cares
-growing faster then other companies: that's okay, but not good enough

All the market apparently wants to know: are you going to accelerate your earnings every quarter forever and forever until you are the only company in the world?

Wouldn't the best way to increase your stock price then, be to deliberately have a bad quarter (don't sell much), or bad year, so that the following year you could say "We've had an increase of 150%!" Plus, you should always give bad guidance, so that you can "beat expectations". Nothing drives up a stock price like "beating expectations":
"Oh, yeah, our quarter is really going to suck." . . (one quarter later:) . . "We grew 20%!"

Feb. 6, Sun., 2005:

On this day in history:
1515 – Death of Aldus Manutius, Italian editor and printer who produced the first paperbacks and invented italics. 1643 – Dutch mariner Abel Tasman discovers Fiji Islands in the Pacific.

Feb. 1, 2005:

new entries to Anarchapedia.org:

Taxes ; Robbery ; Death ; G-Rated






view the Earth as currently seen from a satellite in Earth orbit


January 24th, 2005:


If your investment outlook is at least one year, there's lots of good value out there right now. There's been a corrective dip since the beginning of the year, making some big-name stocks real values:

Cisco (CSCO) has dropped to 17.75 !! [52-week high: 28.50]

Pfizer (PFE), after some recent bad press,
is finally buyable again at around 24.26
[52-week high: 38.89] (3.1% dividend yield too)

Microsoft (MSFT) at 25.67 ? Now that's a bargain! [52-week high: 30.20]

These techs offer you more short-term risk, but much better reward. These may not bust out tomorrow, or next month, but when they move, they'll really move:

NVIDIA (NVDA) : down 4% today to 20.58. [52-week high: 27.35]

Intel [INTC] has been out of favor over the last year, but they've got a strong future (Remember the golden rule: buy low, sell high) currently 21.99.

Western Digital [WDC] has an upside potential of $14 (or better). That would be a 39% increase from its current price of 10.10 !

Got a long term perspective? So do the Japanese. Sony [SNE] is the future.
(PSPs and Play Station 3s for everyone!)
Had a nice little dip starting last Thrusday. Currently: 36.60

Update Feb 3, 2005:
You may say "what do you know about buying low and selling high?"

Sample= NVIDIA