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What is Haibane Renmei?

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Editorial Review (sample 1):

The Haibane, who look like angels with halos and small wings, share a walled town with humans.
Both the HaiBane and the Humans are forbidden to leave.

RAKKA awakens from a portentious dream when she emerges from a huge cocoon as Haibane. She was apparently human once, but can only remember fragments of that existence. She quickly settles into 'Old Home', a former dormitory where the Haibane live when they're not working. With the help of some fellow Haibane, Rakka learns about the enclosed world in a succession of brief vignettes.

Unfortunately, the story moves very slowly (could even be considered dull).
The mini-episodes are cute, wistful, and dull, with passive, uninteresting characters. Rekka's curiosity about what lies beyond the walls will undoubtedly lead her to violate the Haibane's most sacred law in a later episode.
(Rated 13 and older: brief nudity, minor profanity, tobacco use) --Charles Solomon












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