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updated, Aug 2008


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A Little Snow Fairy Sugar: Special


Casshan: Robot Hunter 1 (2003)

Movies that Netflix USED to have :

(as of August 2008 : Hey, Netflix, what happened to these movies? Did customers keep their copies? Did you lose your licensing rights?)

32 Short Films About Glenn Gould   Drama Unknown  
A Perfect Circle: Amotion   Music & Musicals Unknown  
A Woman Called Sada Abe   Foreign Unknown  
Andromeda: Season 1: Vol. 3: Disc 2   Television Unknown  
Best of New Wave   Music & Musicals Unknown  
Big Hits   Music & Musicals Unknown  
Committed   Drama Unknown  
East Is East   Comedy Unknown  
Eureka   Foreign Unknown  
Failan   Foreign Unknown  
Floating Weeds   Foreign Unknown  
Gary Numan: In Concert   Music & Musicals Unknown  
Getting Any?   Foreign Unknown  
Gonin   Foreign Unknown  
Gorillaz: Phase One Celebrity Take Down   Music & Musicals Unknown  
Groove   Drama Unknown  
Happy Times   Foreign Unknown  
Highball   Comedy Unknown  
Human Condition I: No Greater Love   Foreign Unknown  
I Dream of Mimi   Anime & Animation Unknown  
In Search of Ancient Ireland   Television Unknown  
Love Hina Again: The Movie   Anime & Animation Unknown  
More New Wave   Music & Musicals Unknown  
Panda! Go Panda!   Anime & Animation Unknown  
Perfect Blue Play Anime & Animation Unknown "Perfect Blue follows singer turned actress KIRIGOEH, MIMA, who, on a controversial TV series, transforms herself by playing a sexually-charged character. Her fans revolt -- some even threaten her life. When those involved in her new career are murdered, Mima is driven to paranoia. Will she be next? ... This unusual flick may be one of the most emotionally evocative thrillers ever animated. "
Shogun's Samurai
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Foreign Unknown  
Surviving Desire
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"A" (5 stars)
Independent Unknown  
Tai-Chi Sword Forms   Sports & Fitness Unknown  
The Abs Diet Workout   Sports & Fitness Unknown  
The Perils of Pauline   Classics Unknown  
The Work of Director Chris Cunningham
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"C" (3 stars)
Music & Musicals Unknown  
The Work of Director Michel Gondry
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"A" (5 stars)
Music & Musicals Unknown  
Turning Projects with Richard Raffan   Special Interest Unknown  
UK Garage Project   Music & Musicals Unknown  
Wild America: Wacky Babies & Tender Times   Documentary Unknown  








Let's Learn Japanese Basic II


(from Canadian Learning Television)