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Out of the list above, only the following are actually video programs:

1. Let's Learn Japanese Basic I [avi]
2. Let's Learn Japanese Basic II [avi] (26 programs) "Yan's story"
3. Nihongo de Kurasou (only a few episodes)

About 'Nihongo de Kurasou [avi]'

The "Japanese Learning Pack" has only Episodes 1, 2, 3, & 8, 9, 10
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About 'Japanese - Genki Integrated Course [mp3]'

Genki outlines in 23 structured lessons all the fundamentals of the Japanese language.
Abundantly illustrated and containing a wide variety of exercises, Genki is sure to bring vigor to your classroom! Though primarily meant for use in college-level classes, it is also a good guide for independent learners and is a nice resource book for teachers of Japanese. Genki's authors teach at Kansai Gaidai University, which hosts the largest number of North American students spending their junior year in Japan.

Torrent Has:

CD1 ; CD2 ; CD3

But does NOT have the book! (and is therefore mostly useless)

Sample: Genki_CD-1_Track03.mp3

NHK Japanese lesson [avi]



New Approach CD [mp3]


Let's Learn Japanese Basic II


(from Canadian Learning Television)



Both seasons used excerpts from the series Yan and the Japanese People, which shows the experiences of a young man who has just arrived in Japan.



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