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Japanese - Genki Integrated Course [mp3]

Genki outlines in 23 structured lessons all the fundamentals of the Japanese language.
Abundantly illustrated and containing a wide variety of exercises, Genki is sure to bring vigor to your classroom! Though primarily meant for use in college-level classes, it is also a good guide for independent learners and is a nice resource book for teachers of Japanese. Genki's authors teach at Kansai Gaidai University, which hosts the largest number of North American students spending their junior year in Japan.

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Track 4 (Vocabulary for Lesson 1 - Atarashi Tomodachi)

ima - now
gakkusei - student
go - language
koukou - high school
ichiji - 1 o'clock
senmon - major (school major)
_ Senmon wa, nan desu ka? (What is your major/focus/speciality?)
_ Nihongo desu. (Japanese. [My major is Japanese.])
"In Japan, on the other hand, specialist training schools called senmon gakko (speciality schools), not
colleges and universities called "daigaku," mostly provide education and training for a
variety of accountants...
_ せんもん Senmon "Major", as in what you study.. Example in a sentence: ... Watashi no senmon wa bitsuri desu. "My major is in physics."