How do I "register a codec" or driver ?



This is the method to register a codec/driver:

Copy the driver file (for example, onto the target computer,and place it in the \WINDOWS\system32 directory.

At the command prompt, register the driver using "regsvr32 <file-name>" (for example, 'regsvr32' ).

[Note: It's not required that the the file be in the system32 folder if you specify the right file path
(e.g.' regsvr32 c:\program files\common\')]

Normally, regsvr32 is used to register libraries (.dll), but it can also be used to individually register audio/video codecs (.ax).

Unregistering: How do I unregister a .ax file ? Un-register an .ocx control?


Use the /u syntax in the command line. For example, to UNREGISTER *.dll : from Start > Run box (or Start > Run > cmd.exe), the file "IPHLPAPI.DLL"
will be un-registered if you type: REGSVR32 /u IPHLPAPI.DLL

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Have you ever wanted to register DLL files from the Explorer? DLL files that export DllRegisterServer and DllUnregisterServer (as COM DLL files do) can easily be controlled from the Explorer while selected... [read more]

* registering / installing from .inf file

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How nero plays a movie: " C:\Program Files\Ahead\Nero ShowTime\ShowTime.exe /Play %L "

tricky: ( mit Nero Show Time abspielen ):

@="... mit Nero Show Time abspielen"

; "%ProgramFiles%\Ahead\Nero ShowTime\ShowTime.exe" "%1"