Q&A (official) for Philips DVDR 3400 DVD Recorder

"FAQ" (nowdays, "frequently asked questions" means "questions we think you _might_ ask" or "this is our approach to documentation"...) from the official Philips website, retrieved April 2008.


Why is there no audio output when connected via HDMI?

  • You will not hear any sound from the HDMI output if the source device is only DVI/HDCP (High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection)-compatible.

  • It is not possible to output SACD or copy-controlled DVD Audio sources from the HDMI connection.

  • "Make sure that the audio output setting is not turned off.
    See ‘Setup Menu Options - { Audio Setup Page - HDMI Audio }’ webpage/answer for details."


Why is there no sound via HDMI connection after firmware upgrade (V09_05)?

  • Press the SETUP button on the remote control
  • Press the DOWN-ARROW button to go to the [Setup Menu - Playback] screen (playback settings screen).
  • Press the RIGHT-ARROW button and press the DOWN-ARROW button to go to the [Digital Audio Output] option.
  • Ensure that [HDMI Auto] option is selected > (options are "All" or "LCPM" on my /37 model...; you may need to have an hdmi cable plugged it to see this option. or the option may have been removed; see above.)








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