Project: Final Fantasy Unlimited (Shrink Project)  


Project Date: January 18, 2005

Source: Final Fantasy Unlimited DVD


Used NERO RECODE 2 to remove unneeded parts, then shrink to DVD-5 [4.7 BB / 4.35 GB] size.

USED "Recode an Entire DVD to DVD" Option on the RECODE 2 1st screen.


I had previously ripped disk to hard drive using DVD Decrypter.
Navigated to folder, and selected all files.


This is an anime disk, so it has multiple episodes. . .

- Delselected certain audio channels to cut down on space used, and increase quality of remaining items.

- Used the DISABLE button to replace selected Titles (VTSs) with either a still image or a slideshow.

Pared down disk until I got to High Level (90% + ) quality settings.

RECORDED DIRECTLY TO DISK (DVD+R with a Max Write Speed of 4x [5,540 KB/s])

- Came out great! High quality video with a mulitple working DVD menus, selectable audio, selectable subtitles.

Observations / Results:

- burned directly to disk

- burned at 4x because that was the max speed of my media (Memorex 4.7 "GB" [4.35 GB] 4x DVD+R)
(I bought that media because it was so cheap in bulk.)

- was a little worried when I saw Video that I selected to be removed in the preview window as it was buring the disk, but the video was appropriately replaced (by either a still image or a slide show) at the appropriate points

- total analysis and burn time was 24 minutes, even with Advanced Analysis and other quality settings turned on.

- I had tried to replace one of the the "Titles" with my own .png file, but apparently RECODE wants only .bmp files, so the Nero default "the video was removed" image was used instead

- Note that when replacing a Title with an image (using 'disable' option), the image will be displayed for the same amount of time the original video lasted.

- The completed disk played fine, complete with 2 selectable audio tracks (japanese and english) and 2 selectable subtitle sets

- the +R disk has limited playability. It played in my Pioneer DVD player, but not in another, cheaper, VCD/DVD player combo . . .



Final Fantasy: Unlimited DVD Phase 01