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>>One thing SageTV doesn't provide is a graphical way to customize your recording quality settings. This turns out to have been a conscious design decision by Frey Technologies, and assumes that only power users would want to create custom settings. However, SageTV also doesn't clearly state how much hard-disk space each setting consumes per minute or per hour, which is an annoyance. Users of DVRs are used to being informed about the number of hours of record time available. To its credit, SageTV does provide at least a dozen different quality settings, but the only way to know low-level detail about a given setting, like audio and video bit-rates, is to fire up Notepad and open up a config file

While this isn't an entirely flawed design assumption, we'd like to have some GUI-driven means to create new quality settings, along with information on disk usage—or at least, the amount of recording time available. Instead, you have to navigate the file, a text-based config file where you can define your own custom settings. Frey's site provides good documentation on what each of the many parameters actually controls, and a typical entry might look like this:

mmc/python2_encoding/Best=videobitrate\=6000000|vbr\=0|width\=720|height\=480| audiobitrate\=384|outputstreamtype\=10|audiosampling\=48000

You can copy/paste an entry like this one, and create your own specific bit-rate settings. For instance, you might want to knock down the video bit-rate to 3Mbits/sec and the audio sampling rate down to 22KHz as a way to economize hard-drive space, but maintain better video/audio quality than some of SageTV's lower quality settings might provide. The point is, if you want to twiddle with these settings, SageTV will let you, but you'll be editing this config file to do it. <<

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