Tool name: "VideoReDo" (informally, "VRD")

tool home page:

from the website:

"Frame accurate (frame level) video editing that precisely and reliably edits, cuts and joins at the specific frames you choose. A capability that goes far beyond typical MPEG tools that only cut on GOPs (rough cut-editing).

Why do you need frame accurate editing? Click here for the answer."

What should I do if my audio and video are out of sync after editing?


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About the Trial Version:

"[The trial version is the] Full Working Version [except for the following]:

The Pro Trial leaves a big Watermark on the Menu,
The full version allows for more accurate cutting of files.
The full version can transcode (Shrink) a oversize DVD to fit [on a DVD-5 disk].
The full version offers more control of menus.
In the full version, AC3 not a separate plug-in.
The full version offers Dual Layer authoring (like 1.6); vs 1.5 single layer only. "

+ Video ReDo DOES output back to VOBs as well as to MPEG.

+ "When I tried the commercial finder in ReDo, It worked as I expected. Approximately 90+% accurate. It saved some time when cutting since even when it didn't hit the start/end it did put me in the commercial and then I could use the scroll to fine tune. I could have even improved [the] performance [of the Commerical Finder] if I had bothered to fine tune the settings. "