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I've been quite busy working on the new design for This is not a write-up of the ins and outs of the new design, but rather an I-am-still-alive-post.

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It's coming...



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Pixeley 1/2 icon set

Pixeley 1/2 icons

Here they are, the Pixeley 1/2 icons. Ten grayscale icons in a size of 16x16 in both png and gif format and three additional smaller (10x10) icons. The entire icon set is available on a GPL license. These are the same icons used in the Mojito template for Pivot.

This is not the full icon set yet, but since these icons are already being used, I thought I'd release the existing icons now.

Download the zip archive (22 kB) containing all icons.

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Pivot template

I've created a new template for Pivot. The template is called "Mojito" and is available for download from Pivot Styles. Or you can simply download the zip archive (21 kB) with instructions.

If you want to know what it looks like, check out a screenshot (60 Kb) or have a look at a live example over at Pivot Styles.

The icons used in this template will soon be available as a separate download.

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Gmail feature requests

Gmail has a feature request page online (props to Bart). One feature I'd really like to see added is a "save as draft" option. And I do believe this feature is on its way. Why? Well...

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