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this page was created around 2005
as a "notepad" for research on Hard Drives.
For expanded information on HDD Types, see "UPDATE".

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Drive Types

UPDATE: 2005 -- 2008 : SEE REPLACEMENT PAGE AT http://www.Lyberty.com/encyc/articles/tech/hdd-also-known-as.html


CF+ Type II
IDE Ultra ATA100
IDE Ultra ATA133
SCSI Ultra320 68pin
SCSI Ultra320 80pin
Serial ATA/150 (aka Serial ATA-150; SATA @ max speed 150 mbps; Feb 2005)
Serial ATA/300 (SATA 3.0Gb/s )

FIGURE: Marketing/advertising graphic from introduction of the "SATA/150" (S-ATA 150 / SATA-150) interface type


P-ATA (includes Ultra ATA ?)
Serial ATA

2003: "Beginning this year, the storage industry is transitioning from the legacy parallel ATA interface to serial ATA.
The serial ATA (SATA) final 1.0a specification was released February of this year."

"With the introduction of Serial ATA in 2003, the original ATA technologies/specificiations were retroactively (and perhaps unnecessarily) renamed Parallel ATA (PATA)." ; "ATA, also known as IDE. This older technology was retroactively renamed Parallel ATA (PATA) to distinguish it from Serial ATA." ?

SATA 1.5Gb/s

1,500 MHz embedded clock
x 1 bit per clock
x 80% for 8b10b encoding
/ 8 bits per Byte
= 150 million Bytes per second
in other words:

150,000,000 Bytes per second
/ 1,024
= 146,484.375 KiloBytes per second (146,484 KB/s)

146,484.375 KiloBytes per second
/ 1,024
= 143.0511474609375 MegaBytes per second
= 143 MB/s