2003-05-06 (May 2003 ; -3years, 8months)

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Introduction: Dell™ M781s (17") Color Monitor User's Guide

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The Dell 17-inch (16-inch viewable image size) M781s Color Monitor is a great value for those customers looking to get the biggest bang for the buck. Whether you are purchasing your first computer or maintaining product consistency through the corporate rank and file, you will appreciate what the M781s monitor has to offer. The 17-inch(16.00-inch VIS) M781s Color Monitor is a quality product capable of supporting basic graphic display requirements. The Dell M781s was designed to allow comfortable viewing for whatever projects you may be working on, be it documents, spreadsheets, or web-based material.


The M781s color monitor has the following features:

  • Optimal Resolution & Refresh
1024 x 768 at 85 Hz
  • VIS (viewable image size)

17 inch (16.00 inch)
43.8 cm (40.64 cm)

  • Phosphor Diagonal Pitch
.26 mm
  • Faceplate coating
Multi-layer and antistatic coatings
  • Physical Size
    (Height x Width x Depth)

415.5 mm (16.4 inch) X 412 mm (16.2 inch) X 420 mm (16.5 inch)

  • Physical Size without base
    (Height x Width x Depth)

353.0mm (13.9 inch) X 412 mm (16.2 inch) X 420 mm (16.5 inch)

  • Weight (monitor only)
15.0 kg (33.0 lbs.)
  • Weight (with packaging)
17.5 kg (38.5 lbs.)

For more details see Specifications Section.


The following links show various views of the monitor and its components.

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