Sony Trinitron Multiscan E540


21 inch , 20 inches visable


Sony GDM-W900
Sony - GDMW900
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Multiscan CPD-E540 (21", 1920x1440, .24mm) Sony Multiscan CPD-E540 21" Monitor
21", 1920x1440, .24mm
Sony - CPDE540

Description :
The STYLEPRO Series 21" FD Trinitron CRT (19.8" VIS) computer display is an affordable choice for spreadsheets and graphics. The visually flat screen with aperture grille technology delivers superior image clarity and bright, accurate colors. Automatic image adjustments and tilt & swivel base provide easy set-up, optimal viewing angle and maximum performance.
Key Features :

* 21" FD Trinitron® CRT (19.8" VIS) - Visually flat screen delivers outstanding image quality, reduced glare.
* Digital Multiscan® technology - Supports multiple resolutions up to 1920 x 1440.
* 0.24mm Aperture Grille Pitch - Sony technology sets standard in image clarity and precision.
* Tilt & Swivel Design - Provides optimal viewing angle and maximum comfort.
* HiDensity™ Electron Gun - Ensures consistent, accurate focus across the entire screen, even in the corners
* Active Signal Correction (ASC™) - Precise adjustment of image size and centering at multiple resolutions.

- Thin Film Transistor LCD panel. A type of LCD flat panel display screen in which each pixel is controlled by one to four transistors. The TFT technology provides the best resolution of all the flat panel techniques, but it is also the most expensive. TFT screens are sometimes called active matrix LCDs.

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My Equiptment : Rapid Info
Sony (Wega) KV-27FS12 27 in. LCD FS vs. FV, Sony Multiscan E540 21" [ 20" viewable ]. [details].
Sony KV-27FS12 Direct View; Flat Screen Television. - 4k

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Monitor at home is Sony Trinitron Multiscan E540 purchased for $500 (2004).
--------------------------------------------------- Comperable: ... - 4k