my tv:            26.5 inches real         27 inches (KV-27FS12 FD Trinitron Wega 27in TV)
my monitor:   19.5 inches real         21 inches         

my tv: 40.5 cm visible height by 54 visible cm width;
my personal goal with a tv upgrade was to expand widescreen movies such that           current display of 32 cm height was expanded to fit the screen

view scale graphic:

32" viewable area: 697.69 x 392.26 mm (27.47 x 15..44 inches)

"Size matters when it comes to making a choice. LCD is at its optimum performance up to and including 32", whilst plasma offers optimum performance at 37" and above."

viewing distance = 3x width
Your setup: 54 cm / 22" width >>> 72" view distance = 3.27x distance.
a 32" diagonal > 26.8" width x 3 = 80.4" (6.6 feet)

37-inch Wide Screens: A general rule of thumb for selecting the right size television screen is that the screen width--not its 37-inch diagonal measurement--should be between three and five times the optimum viewing distance, such as the distance from the TV screen to where your eyes are while sitting on the couch. Less than that and you may be distracted by the scan lines of the picture.
More than that, and you may lose the detail of your TV. Based on this guide, the TH-37PWD8UK is ideal for viewing distances of eight-and-a-half to 14 feet."
Inputs wanted:
from Laptop: 15 pin D-Sub
from PC: DVI or Component
from DVD Player (upconvert):

"(s)VGA and Component video are essentially the same thing. If you pull apart a VGA cable you will see that inside there is a RED, GREEN and a BLUE whire inside. All VGA is is component with additional wires to control the monitor from the computer. A VGA to Component adapter can easily be made simply by splicing pins 1 and 6, 2 and 7 and 3 and 8 while shorting 4 and 5 as vsence (ground). Each of those pairs in that order are; RED, GREEN and Blue."


main use: monitor; can display two web pages side by side clearly:
this best option for this appears to be (according to monitor testing) 1080P
[1980x1080 = aspect of 1.83:1 ; this closely approximates Anamorphic Widescreen of 1.85:1 ]

1/2 (narrow) = 990 width by 1080 height
other: 1680 x 1050 (1.6), 1440 x 900* (1.555),
semi-standard: 1360 x 768 (1.771) [closest to 1280x720 / 720p /16:9 / 1.778]
(1024x768 = "true" 16:9; note LCD monitor resolution is typically 1366 x 768 )

note: 1440x900 encompases 1332x720 (1.85:1); 720 at 2.35:1 would be ~ 1692 x 720 to 1720 x 720.

your current monitor use (21", 4:3): 1280 width * 960 height

[dec 2006]W3202MH ~ Dell 32" w3202MH : $960 ; replaced by "w3207C"; 1000:1 contrast ratio (typical) and 450 nits (typical) brightness ; PC in, (no dvi in). see manual (local copy available) See also 3706MH

[dec 2006] Dell 32" w3207c [link to manual]   : $1200 ; ~TFT Active Matrix, Color LCD HDTV; 1366 x 768 (WXGA); Display Area: 27" x 15" (697.7 x 392.3 mm);
1200:1 (typical contrast) ; 8 milliseconds (g/g, typical); brightness: 500 nits (typical); 1080i max
Connections: PC analog VGA (analog, 15 pin D-sub); PC digital via DVI-to-HDMI adapter (Sold separately) {=HDMI in};
Component x2, Composite x2, S-Video x2 {no digital audio in}

[dec 2006] comparison chart for SAMSUNG LNS 32 " LINE.

* A flat panel monitor may experience no video or appear to be in power save mode when connected to an NVIDIA-based video card.



Best Buy matches:
$2,000 ~ Sony - BRAVIA 32" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV ~ Model: KDL-V32XBR2 ~ SKU: 7986637 ~ 1366 x 768 pixel resolution; HDMI input; black cabinet; 16:9 widescreen aspect ratio
$2,200 ~ Sony - BRAVIA 40" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV ~ Model: KDL-40S2000 ~ SKU: 7683312

Sony wants you to buy (as of Oct 2006):
KDL-32S2010 (32")
KDL-32S2400 (32")
KDL-V32XBR2 (32")
KLV-32U100M (32")

TigerDirect: $1,600 [no returns] !!! Sony Bravia KLV-40U100M 40" 1366 x 768 / HDMI / PC Input / LCD Display - No Tuner

Sony BRAVIA 32" Flat-Panel LCD HDTV ~ Model: KDL-V32XBR2 ~
best buy blurb: "16:9 widescreen aspect ratio delivers a cinema-style entertainment experience; CineMotion 3-2 pulldown for accurate reproduction of film-based sources"
best buy blurb: "BRAVIA Engine Full Digital Video Processor (DVP) produces crisp and clear images with enhanced color and contrast "
best buy blurb: Live Color Creation System (WCG-CCFL) delivers vibrant colors
Sony specs: Wide XGA (1366 x 768 pixels) resolution supports 720p signals for stunning image clarity (note: DVDs are 480p; 853x480 )
V-series are supposed to be "Wega Engine"

Wega Engine Technology is in KLV-V32A10 and KLV-V40A10 (but not, apparently, in KDL-40V2500 and

Lines: V, S, and U. S vs. U difference is "Monitor only".


S Series: KLV-S40A10

40" LCD TV
1 Mega Pixel HD Panel (1366 x 768 WXGA)

Viewing Angle 178º
Brightness: 480cd/m²
Contrast 1000:1
Response Time 8ms
Multi-System TV Tuner

Picture-In-Picture (PIP) Picture Freeze
WEGA Gate On-Screen Guide
Light Sensor
PC Input (HD15)

<<< no HDMI?? >>>
Audio Output: 10W x 2
BBE Digital
SRS TruSurround
30º Swivel

V Series: KLV-V40A10

40" LCD TV
1 Mega Pixel HD Panel (1366 x 768 WXGA)
WCG (Wide Colour Gamut) CCFL
Wega Engine Technology
Viewing Angle 178 º
Brightness: 500cd/m²
Contrast 1300:1
Response Time 8ms
Multi-System TV Tuner
Picture-and-Picture (2-Tuner PAP)
Picture-and-Picture (PAP) Picture Freeze
WEGA Gate On-Screen Guide
Light Sensor
PC Input (HD15)
USB (full speed) Interface
HDMI Input
Audio Output: 13W x 2
BBE Digital
S-Master Digital Amplifier
SRS TruSurround XT
30 º Swivel

SONY KDL-32S2010

KDL-V32XBR2 LCD television uses Sony's
BRAVIA Engine? full digital video processor for crisp and clear images

Live Color Creation System (featuring WCG-CCFL backlighting system)

Contrast Ratio: 1700:1 (Dynamic Contrast Ratio is 7000:1)

Power Requirements: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 260W
Dimensions (with stand) (WxHxD)mm: 999 x 740 x 370
Dimensions (without stand) (WxHxD)mm: 999 x 693 x 103
Weight (with stand): 33kg
Weight (without stand): 26.2kg
Power Requirements: AC 110-240V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption : 265W
Dimensions (with stand) (WxHxD)mm: 1015 x 723 x 371
Dimensions (without stand) (WxHxD)mm: 1015 x 684 x 122
Weight (with stand): 33.4Kg
Weight (without stand): 27.2Kg


About "bravia" : "In order to remain at the forefront of this revolutionary change and meet the growing demand of consumers, Sony has further enhanced its television business by incorporating its latest technological expertise into its new range of LCD televisions. These new generation LCD televisions are being launched with a new brand "BRAVIA". (replaces Trinitron).

Bravia V series uses
The new Sony BRAVIA V-series LCD TVs offer exceptionally sharp images on their 7th
Generation Sony LCD Panels with 1 Mega Pixel resolution and high definition capabilities.
Integrated with Sony's own WEGA Engine and new Wide Colour Gamut CCFL, they deliver
the most vibrant pictures imaginable.





Upconversion from VCRs?

Reportedly, the Sony STR-DE998 A/V receiver (summer 2005) will "upconvert composite and S-Video inputs to component video."[link]
But this really only means that it will "transcode" your s-video or composite input signal to a component output signal.

Samsung DVD-VR325 DVD/VCR Recorder

amazon reivew:








standard TV: 640 x 480 lines of resolution (4:3)
high-definition television (HDTV) comes in two different formats, both of which are in a 16:9 ratio:
_ 720p (720 lines of resolution in "Progressive" scan format, 1280 pixels wide? ) and
_ 1080i (1080 lines in "Interlaced" format, 1920 pixels wide ; i.e. 1920 x 1080 ).
"How a 4:3 XGA [1,024] Projector Handles an Incoming 16:9 [1,080] Signal"
Broadcast Format Displayed:
480i (SDTV), 480p (EDTV), 720p (HDTV)

Broadcast Format Supported:
1080i (HDTV),
480i (SDTV), 480p (EDTV), 720p (HDTV)
16:9 WVGA (854 x 480)
w. v-ga
s. v-ga
  . x-ga
w. x-ga
s. x-ga
u. x-ga
e.g. true SXGA (1280 x 1024) \ compressed UXGA Resolution
SVGA       800 x 600
XGA 1024 x 768

Wide XGA (1366 x 768)
[[ WXGA ]]


SXGA   1280 x 1024
 [my PC standard resolution]
(also "True SXGA"; e.g. Sanyo)

{ 16:9 wide-screen video mode: 1280 x 768 =
720p* reso = 1280x720
[L] }
expand 32 cm height to 41 cm height...
* about 720p:
" A newer and superior scanning method called "Progressive" permits the entire picture to be drawn sequentially
from top to bottom without the odd/even interlacing. "
Ultra XGA (1600 x 1200)
[[ UXGA ]]
Data Compatibility: SXGA, XGA, SVGA, VGA, 1152 and Macintosh
"It's important to know that LCD projectors deliver extremely true rendering of video.
If the video chip in your computer is not in compliance with
VESA (Video and Electronics Standards Association) standards,
you may see distortion in your projected video image. This is especially true in older laptop computers."

_ Optoma DV10 MovieTime 1000 Lumen 4000:1 Contrast DLP DVD Projector
_ + Gray Wolf DS9092PM 92" Manual Cinema Pull Down Screen
WVGA (854 x 480) [16:9] -- $1,300 [link]


(2006- February):.... (note: all have 16.7 million colors)  

TigerDirect projectors: http://www.guidester.com/projector.aspx?s=40615957

Projectors > XGA Projectors > 1800 Lumens or More

BenQ PB6240 - 2000:1 - 2700 Lumen - XGA 1024 x 768 - 6.4 Lbs Portable DLP Projector - $1,300
( w/ FREE LAMP Offer)

Optoma EzPro745 - 2300 Lumen - XGA 1024x768 - DLP Video Projector - $1,200
(DVI Connection , ?? dB Noise )
{S-video or composite connections disappointing; DVI or VGA ports get rave reviews}

Toshiba TDP-T40U - 2000:1 - 1800 Lumen - XGA 1024 x 768 - DLP Video Projector - $850
( 37 dB Noise )

Panasonic PT-AE900U - WXGA 1280 x 720 - $2,000
1100 ANSI Lumens
Native Resolution
5500:1 Contrast Ratio
7 lb., 14.4 oz.
Home Theatre Mag: "Panasonic PT-AE900U LCD Projector—WEB EXCLUSIVE " (review, Jan. 2006)


other stuff:

BenQ PE8720 Home Theater Projector m- 1000 Lumen, 6200:1 Contrast...$10,000?? (review)

BenQ PE8700: June 2004
BenQ PE8700+ : October 2004

Optoma H78DC3 - 800 Lumen - 4000:1 - DLP Home Theater Projector - $3,500
Home Theater Review Mag.


TVBox ($160)