Video Card Details

(currently installed in Dell Dimension 8200)


PNY Technologies
"Verto 2D/3D Graphics Card"
Dual VGA + S-Video

Cost: $100

Dual VGA means that it has two monitor connections: supports use of dual monitors (Multi-display: side by side two screen setup).

Uses nVIDIA GeForce FX
Supports AGP 8X (AGP 3.0)

TV-Out via S-Video connection

Graphics cards come in AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port) or PCI (Peripheral Component Interconnect).
Which one you need depends on your expansion bus. PCI works at 33 MHz, AGP at 66 MHz (i.e. AGP is better and faster).

As an example, the Dell 8200 has one AGP connector (for your video card) and 4 PCI connectors (for everything else).
The video connector is a 4X AGP. "While performing AGP-style transactions, the interface may operate in one of three modes, labeled as 1x, 2x and 4x. The actual mode used for AGP transfer is negotiated between the motherboard and AGP card, and once it is determined during system initialization it remains unchanged. The mode set depends on the availability/support of a particular mode and its stability. This is the cause why many potentially 2x capable systems operate only at 1x : it happens when the driver determines that 2x mode may introduce transfer errors. "
PCI and AGP graphics guide

2003 update: AGP8x now available.
Introduction to PCI-Express: the AGP8X Replacement


Advanced Display Pipeline with full nView Capabilities