Dell Dimension XPS D300

Pentium II 300 MHz

Cache RAM: 512 KB

Total Memory: 192 MB of RAM [128 MB+64 MB]
Upgrade, 2004: [256+?+?]

Dimension XPS_Dxxx:
Has 3 memory sockets.
Each socket has a maximum capacity of 128 MB.
Minimum system RAM is 32 MB.
Maximum system RAM is 384 MB.
Uses SDRAM PC66Mhz.
Uses ECC or NON-ECC memory.

Specifications: Dell™ Dimension™ XPS Dxxx Systems

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Microprocessor type Intel Pentium II with MMX™ technology
Microprocessor speeds 233 MHz internal/66 MHz external
266 MHz internal/66 MHz external
300 MHz internal/66 MHz external
333 MHz internal/66 MHz external
Compatibility speed can be set through the system setup program (all cache memory is disabled to simulate compatibility speed)
L1 cache 32 KB
L2 cache 512 KB
Microprocessor mounting single-edge contact (SEC) cartridge connected to the system board contains microprocessor and cache circuitry
Math coprocessor internal to microprocessor

System Information

System chip set Intel 440LX PCIset
Data bus width 64 bits
Address bus width 32 bits
DMA channels 7 
Interrupt levels 15
System BIOS chip 2 Mbits (256 KB)
System clock 66 MHz (matches external processor speed)
Diskette/communications ports 24 MHz from the system clock

Expansion Bus

Bus types ISA, PCI, and AGP
ISA expansion-card connectors 1 full-length
PCI expansion-card connectors 3 full-length
AGP expansion-card connector 1
Shared expansion-card slots 1 full-length (slot contains both an ISA and a PCI connector, only one of which can be used at any given time)
ISA bus frequency 8.33 MHz
PCI bus frequency 33 MHz
AGP bus frequency 66 MHz
Plug and Play revision 1.0 A
PCI bus specification complies with PCI specification 2.1
PCI-to-PCI bridging supported


DIMM sockets 3
DIMM capacities 16, 32, 64, and 128 MB
Minimum RAM 32 MB (Sold with 64 MB)
Maximum RAM 384 MB
BIOS address F0000h
DIMMs registered or unbuffered unbuffered
Frequency 66 MHz
Clock cycle 15 ns (supports 2- or 4-clock DIMMs)
CAS latency 2
SPD revision 1.0
DIMM voltage 3.3 V
NOTES: The Dell Dimension XPS Dxxx requires memory manufactured to Intel's PC-66 SDRAM specification 1.0.

The system must consist of either all ECC or all non-ECC memory.

Purchasing memory upgrades from Dell Spare Parts ensures system compatibility; these upgrades are also covered under your system warranty.

Options for XPS D300 are:

DELL - 128MB Module for a Dell Dimension XPS D Series System

128 MB SDRAM, 66MHz, Non-Parity, Unbuffered
Dell Part #: 655546-1 | Dell Manufacturer #: MT16LSDT1664AG662C7

What the heck is CL2 Memory?
What does the CL2 and CL3 stand for on PC100 and PC133 memory chips?
CL stands for CAS Latency. When a module is labeled CL2 it means there are only two clock cycles before the module can send the first block of data. CL3 means there are three cycles before the first block of data is sent. CL2 is considered to be a small percentage faster than CL3 modules.

PC100 and PC133 modules are manufactured as both CL2 and CL3. You will need to check with your system's requirements to see which option is compatible with your system.

See the Memory F.A.Q. for more info (such as definition of ECC vs. non-ECC).



Mini tower chassis:  

Externally accessible bays

5 total: (2) 5.25-inch bays for diskette, tape, or CD-ROM drives; (3) 3.5-inch bays for diskette or tape drives

Internally accessible bays

2 bays for 1-inch-high EIDE or SCSI hard-disk drives
Desktop chassis (available only in certain locations):  

Externally accessible bays

4 total: (2) 5.25-inch for diskette, tape, or CD-ROM drives; (2) 3.5-inch bays for diskette or tape drives

Internally accessible bays

2 bays for 1-inch-high EIDE or SCSI hard-disk drives


Externally accessible:  

Serial (DTE)

9-pin connector

Parallel (bidirectional)

25-hole connector

PS/2-style keyboard

6-pin mini-DIN connector

PS/2-compatible mouse

6-pin mini-DIN connector


15-pin connector


15-hole connector on the video card


3 miniature jacks for LINE IN, LINE OUT, and MIC IN


2 USB-compliant connectors
Internally accessible:  

Primary EIDE

40-pin connector

Secondary EIDE

40-pin connector

Diskette drive

34-pin connector
* Available in integrated-audio systems only


For systems with integrated sound only:

Audio chip set Yamaha OPL3-SA3 Enhanced 3D Audio controller, a single-chip audio system that integrates OPL3 and its DAC, a 16-bit Sigma-delta CODEC, MPU401 MIDI interface, and joystick with timer
Wave-table MIDI chip Integrated Yamaha OPL4-ML2 chip


Video (1) 66-MHz AGP or (1) 33-MHz PCI video card (see manufacturer's specifications for information about the card and any utilities and drivers included)

Text Modes

Columns by Lines and Colors Mode Number
40 x 25; 16 0h, 1h
80 x 25; mono 7h
80 x 25; 16 2h, 3h
132 x 25; 16* 55h
132 x 43; 16* 54h
132 x 44; 16* 56h
* Requires video drivers supplied with application program

Graphics Modes

Resolutions and Colors Mode Number
640 x 480; 256 101h
640 x 480; 32,768 110h
640 x 480; 65,536 111h
640 x 480; 16.7 million 112h
800 x 600; 256 103h
800 x 600; 32,768 113h
800 x 600; 65,536 114h
800 x 600; 16.7 million 115h
1024 x 768; 256 105h
1024 x 768; 32,768 116h
1024 x 768; 65,536 117h
1280 x 1024; 256 107h
NOTE: The system supports all standard VGA modes in addition to the extended-video modes listed here. Because extended-video modes are not standard among video equipment manufacturers, the graphics modes listed here require video drivers and may not be applicable to other systems. They also require a multifrequency monitor for scan rates greater than 31.5 KHz (horizontal) and 70 Hz (vertical).


DC power supply:  


200 W


90 to 135 V at 60 Hz;
180 to 265 V at 50 Hz

Heat dissipation

778 BTU (fully loaded system without monitor)
Battery 3-V CR2032 coin cell


Mini tower chassis:  


43.69 cm (17.2 inches)

Width (with base)

20.32 cm (8 inches)


44.45 cm (17.5 inches)


11.3 to 13.6 kg (25.0 to 30.0 lb)
Desktop chassis:  


16.00 cm (6.3 inches)


42.42 cm (16.7 inches)


44.45 cm (17.5 inches)


11.3 to 13.6 kg (25.0 to 30.0 lb)




10 to 35C (50 to 95F)


–40 to 65C (–40 to 149F)
Relative humidity 20% to 80% (noncondensing)
Maximum vibration:  


0.25 G at 3 to 200 Hz at 1/2 octave/min


0.5 G at 3 to 200 Hz at 1/2 octave/min
Maximum shock:  


left side (for mini tower orientation) and bottom half-sine pulse with a change in velocity of 50.8 cm (20 inches)/sec


23-G faired-square wave with a velocity change of 508.0 cm (200 inches)/sec


–16 to 3048 m (–50 to 10,000 ft)


–16 to 10,600 m (–50 to 35,000 ft)

Regulatory Notices

FCC (U.S. only) Class B
IC Notice (Canada only) Class B
CE Notice Class B
VCCI Notice (Japan only) Class B

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