the breaking of the fellowship: Amon Hen (Emyn Muil, Parth Galen)

Parth Galen -- The green lawn above the Falls of Rauros at the feet of Amon Hen (of Emyn Muil). It was here that the Company of the Ring was broken, and Boromir son of Denethor slain.

Note: Within the context of the Lord of the Rings movies, the location in the book of Parth Galen is referred to almost exclusively as Amon Hen. ("In the Fellowship of the Ring, where Boromir finally succumbed to Lurtz, and the Orcs captured Merry and Pippin.") Note also that though the hills of Emyn Muil are on both sides of the lake (Amon Hen being a hill part of the Emyn Muil), within the context of the movie, "Emyn Muil" refers exclusively to the rocky terrain in which Frodo and Sam first encounter Golum.

"After Frodo and Sam leave the rest of the Fellowship behind at Amon Hen (Parth Galen), they enter the rocky hills of Emyn Muil. They are wandering and even seem to be lost at times in the confusing terrain. "

Amon-Hen -- Hill of Sight;
Upon the western side of the lake Nen-Hithoel in Emyn Muil, West of the Falls of Rauros, was the Hill of Sight. A seat of stone were build upon its grassy summit where rowan trees grew, and a long path, sometimes with stairs of stone, went up from the woods below. When Gondor was at its heights of glory there was kept a watch upon Amon-Hen. Below the hill towards Nen Hithoel was the plain Parth Galen. Across the lake lies it's sister, Amon Lhaw (the Hill of Hearing).


"Amon Hen was an ancient lookout on the western side of the Great River. It is where the Ring's corruption of Boromir caused him to try and take the Ring from Frodo. Frodo escapes only by putting the Ring on. He then encounters Aragorn who again shows his allegiance to Frodo by turning down the temptation of the Ring. He then buys time for Frodo to escape when Lurtz and the Uruk-hai attack."

Parth Galen is also described as "a green grassy plain at the Western shore of Nen Hithoel* in Emyn Muil, stretching from the feet of Amon Hen to the shore of Nen Hithoel.
A little stream was running from the hills and the plain was bordered by trees at the westside. "



Day 15 | Lake Hayes / Queenstown / Lake Hayes
"Glenorchy-based Dart River Safaris operate tours into the Dart River Valley......Returning to Glenorchy, the river broadens into many braids and a stop is made close to the area of bush portrayed as Amon Hen Parth Galen where Orcs captured Merry and Pippin."

Day 13. Queenstown to Te Anau via Mavora Lakes
Around 240 km, allow 4 hours driving. Travel around the Devils Staircase to the Southern end of Lake Wakatipu and onto Mossburn. Just past this town is a sign posted road to Mavora Lakes and from here it is a scenic 45 minute drive on an unpaved road to Fangorn Forest and Nen Hithhoel*. North Mavora became the Nen Hithoel* foreshore which marked the end of the fellowships journey down the River Anduin. Several scenes were filmed around the North and South Mavora Lakes.

On the road from Wanaka to Queenstown, there is a stop where you can view a perspective of Nen Hithoel*, as well as the Ford of Bruinen.

*Nen Hithoel: The great lake that fed the Falls of Rauros.
The lake, whose name is translated as 'Mist-cool Water', was surrounded on all sides by the grey stony hills of the Emyn Muil. Most important among its surrounding hills were two that lay at its southern end, the famous Amon Hen and Amon Lhaw, the Hills of Sight and Hearing.

The River Anduin flows into Nen Hithoel after passing the Argonath. The sharp peak of Tol Brandir is located on the southern end. The ancient watchtower Amon Hen and Parth Galen are located on the western shore.
Protrayed by Lake Wakatipu and North Mavora:


"Filming for the dramatic finale of 'The Fellowship of the Ring' was undertaken at Closeburn, Paradise and Mavora Lakes."

"Closeburn is 8 km from Queenstown and while the actual location of Amon Hen is not accessible, a stop on the lake shore is suggested here." [s]

"Following the road from Queenstown along the northern shore of Lake Wakatipu, one passes several lesser filming locations, such as the top of Amon Hen, at Closeburn (not accessible). [s]"

The area around Lake Wakatipu was used for scenes involving Isengard (Glenorchy and Paradise), Lothlorien (Paradise), Ithilien Camp (Twelve Mile Delta) and Amon Hen (Closeburn), where Merry and Pippin were captured by Orcs.

"Paradise, near Glenorchy at the northern end of Lake Wakatipu, worked well for parts of Lothlorien, though we added larger trees, and for scenes at Parth Galen and Amon Hen."-Alan Lee, Conceptual Designer

photos of Paradise

"Areas near Milford Sound in the Fiordland National Park provided many scenic locations for the trilogy, including scenes involving Isengard, Lothlorien and Amon Hen at nearby Glenorchy. Further afield, the Te Anau region - gateway to Fiordland - provided locations for Nen Hithoel, Silverlode River and Fangorn Forest."

Shooting Log: "Goblins chase fellowship through Lothlorien forests - Paradise (near Glenorchy)"


Reportedly the "Emyn Muil hilltop" and "Summit of Amon Hen" was filmed "around Queenstown". The "slopes of Amon Hen" were reportedly filmed around Mavora Lakes.

"After Frodo and Sam leave the rest of the Fellowship behind at Amon Hen, they enter the rocky hills of Emyn Muil. They are wandering and even seem to be lost at times in the confusing terrain. "


according to "Film Locations":
Milford Sound (Nen Hithoel, Parth Galen, Fangorn Forest):

This remote 22km-long fiord is famous for its breathtaking beauty, sheer peaks and cascading waterfalls. Although it draws thousands of visitors each year, it is relatively unspoilt.

Milford Sound provided many scenic shots, including 'Amon Hen' [Parth Galen]- filmed at Mavora Lake, 'Nen Hithoel' - the river, and 'Fangorn Forest'.



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