Edoras (minus the sets)

Location used for Edoras: Mt. Sunday

Region: South Island, inland from Christchurch
Subregion: Erewhorn
Local area: Mt Potts

Closest town: Methven
also close by: Ashburton

Can be visited as a day-trip from Christchurch.

From Methven, travel South to Mt Somers and then up the unpaved Ashburton Gorge past Lakes Camp and Clearwater. Descending into the Rangitata Valley Mt Sunday can be seen straight ahead
Note: The Lord of the Rings Location Guidebook has really, really sucky maps (and directions).


"Mount Potts, near Methven, provided one of the most glorious locations, with an isolated hill in a wide valley, buttressed by sheer cliffs, which couldn't have been closet to Tolkien's Edoras."
-Alan Lee (Conceptual Artist/Set Decorator)

"The flat Canterbury Plains stretch from the Pacific Ocean to the high peaks of the Southern Alps.
Within the deep valleys hidden near Mt Sunday
the Rohirrim city of Edoras was constructed, as well as the Court of Meduseld home of King Theoden. "
"As glaciers retreated at the end of the last Ice Age, large valleys remained and Mt Sunday overlooking Erewhon appears as if it has leapt from the pages of JRR Tolkien's book.
The drive to Edoras from Christchurch is one of contrasts you cross flat plains before entering a hidden realm of brown grass and snow-capped peaks."
- travel.newzealand.com

Methven: "Methven, heartland of Canterbury in the South Island of New Zealand"
"Lord of the Rings' tour: Visit Mt Sunday, the location for Edoras in 'The Two Towers' and 'The Return of the King'"
"Our tour departs from Christchurch and takes us over the vast Canterbury Plains, through the stunning Rakaia Gorge and along the line of the Southern Alps until we reach Mt Somers. Here we turn inland and make our way to Mt Potts Station. Upon reaching the Station we make our way cross-country, over tussock covered grassland and through several small rivers, to reach our ultimate destination - Mt Sunday....After lunch we make our way back to Christchurch with the option of stopping along the way for a scenic flight or a thrilling jet boat ride up the mighty Rakaia River - or both!"
COST: $130 US Dollars

- hasslefree.co.nz/


The exodus from Edoras / the area around Rohan (Rohirrim Refugees)
: (mountain lakes, snowy mountain hilltops)

Filmed in Deer Park Heights (outside of Queenstown) -- extras were driven from Christchurch (according to the director's commentary); 2 - 3 hours travel [map of the south island];
for travel; allow a full day (6 hours) from Christchurch

LOTR Guide Book (p.91, revised edition): " Deer Park Heights is off the main road to Te Anau about twenty minutes drive from Queenstown. After passing the airport entrance and crossing the Kawarau River, take the road on the right marked Kelvin Heights."