What's left of Hobbiton
2002 tour: hobbiton
Hobbiton still exists (kind of)
(pic. Tanja Hufschmidt)


Location used for Hobbiton: farmlands of Hinuera
( A farm near Matamata )

Region: Waikato region (North Island)
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Local area:

Closest town: Matamata
also close by:

Can be visited as a day-trip from Aukland
(5 hours to get there, 2 hours for tour)
route: Weathertop, 2 hour drive from Aukland
Hobbiton, allow 3 hours.


Aukland to
Port Waikato
(Weathertop) to

Port Waikato (Weathertop): 2 hour trip from Aukland

Through Hamilton to Matamata: allow 3 hours

images from hobbitontours.com  

the hobbit hole (what's left of it)

Better photos can be found here

"Tours are organised by the Matamata Information Centre at 45 Broadway Matamata"
"[Tours leave daily] Our tour guides escort you in our courtesy van, which operates daily from the Matamata Information Centre."
COST: $35 US Dollars
-Rings Scenic Tours Ltd.

"The Waikato region of the North Island is one the richest farming areas in New Zealand. Driving south on State Hiway One, the urban sprawl of Auckland is soon replaced by paddocks and hedgerows. "

Tour of Hobbiton (info and good photos)
New Zealand as Middle Earth large map; takes a while to load, but well worth it