LOTR sites around Wellington


"Mt. Vic(toria) - here was the set of the scene 'Get off the road' in Fellowship of the Ring' (Hobbits were hiding from the Black Riders...)"

"Victoria (Wellington), Hobbits hide from Ringwraiths." - shooting log

"From the city (Wellington), you can easily walk or drive up Alexandra Road to beautiful Mount Victoria, a well known Wellington icon that affords stunning views of the city and harbour.
Part of Mount Victoria served as the outskirts of the Shire during filming. Halfway up on your left is a parking bay with a track (to the left) which drops downhill through the trees. This became the setting for the scene where the fearful hobbits listen for the Nazgul. Continuing down the path, you'll eventually see a small overhanging ledge up a hill on your right, marked by two small trees. It was here the hobbits hid from the Black Rider, although the large tree of the movie was actually manufactured and transported to the site. " -Wellington - Visit the LOTR locations

"Outside the city, along SH2, is Kaitoke Regional Park, which was transformed into the elvish realm of Rivendell.
A large set was built at Kaitoke, including the bedroom where Frodo recovered from his knife wound at the hands of the Ringwraith. Although it's no longer there, the set took some 300 crew over a year to complete, and involved building elaborate scaffolding out over the river.
Just down the road is pretty Harcourt Park in Upper Hutt, which formed the setting for the Gardens of Isengard - the spot where Gandalf and Saruman first met after the ring came to light in Hobbiton. There are some beautiful gardens and picnic areas to explore." -Wellington - Visit the LOTR locations

This sounds good to me: ROVER RING TOUR

"We explore Greater Wellington with a focus on the film locations used during filming of Lord of the Rings (LOTR) movies. If you have an interest in the LOTR and you want a unique Wellington experience, then this is the tour for you.

We visit film locations for the Outskirts of the Shire (Mt. Victoria), The Race to the Ferry (Mt Victoria town belt), Dunharrow, Village of Bree, Rivendell (Kaitoke), Fords of Isen, Gardens of Isengard (Hartcourt Park), River Anduin, Minas Tirith and Helms Deep. We cover a lot of ground, but there is enough time to explore, recreate scenes for yourself and work out how the movies were made.

The scenery of Wellington mirrors that of Middle Earth. Come explore it with us on this relaxing day tour! Small groups ensure the fellowship enjoys a personal experience.

We pick up from your central city accommodation around 8.30am.

The morning is spent exploring the city locations, Mt Victoria and the 'greenbelt' including a cafe stop at The Chocolate Fish Cafe (own expense) on the Miramar Peninsula.

The afternoon is spent exploring the Hutt Valley. Stops include the Hutt River and Harcourt Park.
In Kaitoke Regional Park we include a picnic lunch under the elevish trees of the Rivendell location.

We aim to complete our journey around 4.30pm.

LOTR Guidebook (revised edition):

p. 45:[Mt Victoria and Lyall Bay - Dunharrow]
"A visit to the Rohirrim encamptment of Dunharrow can also be achieved whilst visiting Mt. Victoria. Although wide shot were filmed in the South Island, close-ups were filmed at 'Mt Vic' and nearby Lyall Bay."